NCT’s Ten Drops Vibrant Self-Titled Solo Mini Album ‘Ten’

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NCT’s TEN, aka Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, known for their mesmerizing dance moves and singing skills, has stepped into the spotlight with their first self-titled solo mini-album, “TEN”.

Available on all major platforms, this highly anticipated English-language EP promises a kaleidoscope of musical colors across its six tracks, showcasing the Thai icon’s versatility.

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Leading the charge is the infectious dance-pop anthem “Nightwalker,” accompanied by a visually stunning music video that perfectly captures the song’s irresistible charm. With its pulsating beats, complex basslines, and Ten’s signature falsetto, the track sets the stage for an electrifying listening experience.

The mysterious and sensual verses of “Nightwalker” ignite the imagination, setting the stage for captivating choreography – an area where Ten undeniably shines. Exceeding expectations, the track moves into darker territory than anticipated, transitioning seamlessly from soft melodies to serious electro sounds in the chorus.

It’s a stormy experience, evoking subtle vampire-esque vibes that mesh perfectly with the track’s title. The acoustic vocals add depth in the second verse, leading to a breathtaking pre-chorus. The pinnacle of the song lies in its bridge – a sublime moment that epitomizes Ten’s artistry. “Nightwalker” authentically embodies the essence of Ten, showcasing their versatility and cementing their position in the spotlight with a stunning solo debut.

Exploring a diverse range of styles, “TEN” takes listeners on a sonic journey through Latin pop, pop punk and hip-hop influences. Dipping into a rich tapestry of musical styles, “TEN” takes listeners on a captivating sonic odyssey with Latin pop, pop punk and hip-hop influences.

Each track offers a different flavor, ranging from the Latin pop-infused dance vibes of “Water”, reflecting the nostalgia of early 2000s pop, to the pop punk elements in the mix with “Dangerous”. , featuring groovy synth bass, funky. guitar, and Ten’s playful vocals, which add a unique dimension to the EP’s sonic palette.

Meanwhile, hip-hop track “On Ten” serves as a dynamic anthem, conveying confidence and camaraderie through its infectious beats and upbeat vocals. It is a celebration of personal empowerment and bold aspirations, highlighted by Ten’s unmistakable vocal charisma.

The EP’s emotional depth shines in tracks like “Shadows”, which craft a poignant narrative of longing and memory through soulful vocals and evocative lyrics. Closing the album on a tender note, “Lie With You” delivers a heartfelt pop song equipped with a melancholy, dreamy guitar solo that tugs at the listener’s heartstrings.

As “TEN” continues to climb the charts and leave its mark in the hearts of fans around the world, it is clear that this is the beginning of an exciting solo musical journey for the exceptionally talented artist. With his infectious charisma and undeniable talent, TEN is set to leave a lasting mark on the music landscape for generations to come.

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