Mozilla has a new tool to remove your personal data from the Internet

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Mozilla Monitor (Formerly known as Firefox monitor) is a free service that notifies Firefox web browser users when their email is part of a breach. The company has now made a new announcement Paid subscription Service offer. Mozilla will automatically help paid users remove Data from the Internet. The Paid Service will also continuously monitor users’ exposed personal information. The company has also shared a video on YouTube to describe how the tool will work. Mozilla has confirmed that the tool will initially be available only to US users.

Mozilla Monitor Plus | Product walkthrough

How Mozilla Monitor Plus can help users

In a blog post, the company cited a consumer privacy survey by Cisco that claimed 42% of young adults (ages 18-24) want to know more about the types of information companies have about them.
However, to request changes or take action to delete Personal Information Can be a bit challenging. Mozilla claims its Monitor Plus tool will protect user privacy and give them more control when they go online.
The company also claims that more than 10 million people have already signed up with Mozilla Monitor. The new Monitor Plus tool comes with a free one-time scan, where people can take the next step to see where their personal information has been exposed to sites that sell it for profit.

This may include information such as the user’s name, current and previous home addresses, and phone numbers. It can also go another level deeper with information such as the names of the user’s family members, their criminal history, their children’s school district and their hobbies.

To receive their complimentary scan, users must provide some data such as their first and last name, the current city and state in which they live, their date of birth, and their email address.
Mozilla Confirm that this information will be encrypted and follow the company’s privacy policy. The company notes that it will need this information to get the most accurate search results for users.
After scanning, users will be able to see where their personal information has been exposed, either through data breaches or through broker sites. The Company will also notify users of high-risk data breaches to which users have been exposed. Such exposed data may include social security numbers, credit card information, bank account and PIN numbers. Mozilla will also offer users to fix and resolve it.
What users want Mozilla Monitor Plus An annual paid subscription of $8.99 per month is required to continue scanning the internet for their data in the background. The Company will automatically and continuously request Paid Users to remove their Personal Information (if any).
Mozilla Monitor will start with data removal requests, then scan monthly to ensure that user personal information stays away from data broker sites. Meanwhile, Monitor Plus will help users know when their personal information has been removed from more than 190+ data broker sites.
To get a free scan and sign up for paid automated data removal, users will need to get a Mozilla account (formerly known as Firefox account). With a Mozilla account, users will get security benefits such as two-factor authentication powered by Mozilla.

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