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tristan thompson He has three brothers and has a very close relationship with all of them. The 32-year-old professional basketball player has talked about being a father figure to his younger siblings over the years. “I’m like the big dad to them all,” he said. A 2016 interview, “I have to make sure I hold them accountable.”

Tristan is especially close to his 17-year-old brother amari thompson, who has epilepsy and needs constant support and assistance from others. The NBA star stepped up in a big way for Amari when he was granted temporary custody of his younger brother after his mother andrea died, and now he has reportedly filed a petition to become their sole legal guardian after claiming that he could not locate their father, trevor thompson, Trevor apparently failed to pay any child support, which he was ordered to pay after Andrea became his sole legal guardian in 2014.

“Since then, Trevor Douglas Thompson has effectively abandoned the proposed ward; He failed to pay any child support despite court orders and has not been in contact with the proposed ward or Andrea Marie Brooks since July 2014,” court documents revealed. et online, “He has since done nothing to support or enhance the proposed ward and has renounced all rights to have any authority in the care of the proposed ward.”

“I have had no contact with him since our separation from our late mother in 2014 and prior to that date contact was minimal,” Tristan wrote of his father in the documents. “My only contact with Trevor Thompson over the past nine years was a brief conversation when he attended my mother’s funeral. I have no information about his current or recent whereabouts.

Tristan may have made a lot of mistakes in his relationship khloe kardashian, but as court documents reveal, he never stopped being Amari’s amazing big brother. Here’s what you need to know about Amari, her condition, and her special bond with Tristan.

Who is Amari Thompson?

Amari is the youngest of the four Thompson brothers. his late mother, andreaand his father, Trevor thompson, welcomed him on 27 July 2006. Amari was raised by his mother Andrea until her untimely death on January 6, 2023, at the age of 53. Amari has no relationship with his father. Apart from Tristan, Amari has other brothers dishawn thompson And Daniel Thompson.

Amari Thompson has epilepsy

Tristan’s brother has epilepsy, a brain disorder that causes frequent, unprovoked seizures. Amari, who is in a wheelchair, cannot live on her own and needs help around the clock. Luckily, Tristan has always come forward to support his brother. In 2014, the athlete founded The Amari Thompson Foundation to honor her sibling and others battling the health condition.

After launching the organization, Tristan and Andrea released a video youtube, to express his reasoning for starting the Foundation. Amari also appeared in this 2014 clip, “I started the Amari Thompson Foundation for epilepsy awareness on behalf of my brother. Watch the video for more details,” Tristan captioned a tweet of the clip in August 2014.

During the October 5 episode kardashianKhloe explained kris jenner And Kim Kardashian What was happening to Amari’s health? “I mean, it’s bad and good, just like we didn’t really have any answers. Like, her MRIs and EEGs and EKGs are all the same,” Khloe said. He added, “She could be having the worst kind of seizures.”

The mother of two revealed that Amari is in a “scary place” at the moment “because once he turns 20 it will be really bad if we can’t make any improvements.” At that time, Khloe and Tristan decided to bring a physical therapist in-house to work with Amari.

Amari Thompson’s relationship with Tristan Thompson

Tristan has been a great brother and even better father to Amari over the years. In March 2022, Tristan talked during an interview about how Amari – who has epilepsy – inspires him nbc sports,

“My little brother fights every day,” he said at the time. “Most 16-year-olds can enjoy life and have independence and be able to experience things with their peers. It’s hard for him.” He talked about how Amari is a major motivator in his life. “He inspires me. Why not work out every day? There’s no reason why I can’t move forward and strive to become not only a better basketball player but a better person.”

In July 2023, Tristan took Instagram To celebrate Amari’s birthday. He also remembered his late mother in his caption. “Happy Birthday to my sweet little brother Amari! I will love you forever! We miss you mom,” he captioned the post with a red heart emoji. In the snapshot, Tristan and Amari are posing together outside.

Following the death of Tristan and Amari’s mother, Tristan filed legal documents in September 2023 to become his younger brother’s guardian. Doctors revealed that his father Trevor has been “absent” throughout Amari’s life. On September 20, Tristan was granted temporary guardianship of Amari. People, The court reportedly declared that there was both “sufficient evidence” and “good cause” for Tristan to become Amari’s guardian for the time being.

In court documents dated February 2024, Tristan said he is trying to gain legal guardianship of Amari to manage her finances and health care, which is made particularly complicated by the fact that the teen is a Canadian citizen. But is living and receiving medical care in California.

Tristan’s petition states, “If Amari were to return to Canada there are no relatives there who would have the ability or means to support Amari, and she would receive the care and support she would receive in my custody in the United States.” level cannot be provided.” They say. ,[I want] To ensure that Amari has a happy and fulfilling life and is provided with the best care possible.”

Amari Thompson’s relationship with Khloe Kardashian

Amari has great love for everyone in her life, including her brother’s ex-girlfriend. khloe Amari’s 17th birthday party At his home in July 2023. reality star shared a tribute Writing to Amari on her birthday, “Someone turns 17 today!!!! Happy Birthday sweet sweet Amari!!! We are all so lucky to have the touch of an angel like you. You are truly one of God’s greatest treasures.

But Khloe did more for Amari than just hosting a party. Following Andrea’s death, Khloe took in Tristan and Amari and let them live in her home after Tristan’s roof collapsed due to severe weather in early 2023. He revealed this during the finale of season 3 kardashian,

“Amari is 16 years old and she is severely disabled,” the Good American co-founder said in a confessional on the Hulu show. “It’s really sad because we don’t know what he knows or doesn’t know cognitively,” he said. Khloe also said that she will continue to support Tristan and his family despite him betraying her multiple times.

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