Marvel planned to reduce Jonathan Majors’ role before his conviction

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Jonathan Majors arrives at criminal court in NYC on December 4, 2023

after that jonathan big companies‘ conviction and Marvel removed him from future projects as Kang the Conqueror, with the studio reworking its next chapter of films.

Kang’s presence in the next set of films will be significantly reduced, but reports claim Marvel was already planning this before Majors was found guilty of assault and harassment.

Since his conviction, more women have accused the actor of assault and harassment. A new York Times The report claims that the actor is known to be a controlling, threatening person towards women.

Marvel cuts Jonathan Majors after plea deal


Shortly after Jonathan Majors was convicted of assault against ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, Marvel swiftly fired him.

His conviction was for two out of four counts, including assault and harassment outside a car with Jabbari. Prosecutors had tried to secure a conviction for his actions inside the vehicle, which included allegedly seriously injuring him.

With all the news surrounding Marvel’s announcement that they will no longer be working with Majors, a new report has arrived hollywood reporter has revealed that the studio was planning the move even before the sentencing.

The initial plan was that Majors would play Kang the Conqueror, the new big villain for the next set of Marvel films. However, plans changed after the film “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”.

Marvel Studios is shrinking the Kang character

Jonathan Majors walks out of criminal court in NYC on December 8, 2023

According to heart According to reports, the next film in the “Avengers” lineup was to be titled “The Kong Dynasty.” However, the film would no longer include Kang’s name and would be rewritten. This will also be the case for the next set of films lined up for this stage.

Marvel reportedly plans to either eliminate the Kang character entirely or reduce him to a footnote in the overall storyline. Interestingly, Marvel, which operates under Disney, had this move planned for Kang/Majors even before they were indicted.

According to sources who spoke to the news outlet, the studio’s motivation for this was money. They were reportedly disappointed with the performance of “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”, one of the first major films to feature Kang.

Sources claim that the film was not a financial success and also failed to attract Marvel audiences. It grossed approximately $476 million globally through its theatrical run, which was relatively low by Marvel and superhero film box office standards. That alone was already a problem for the studio, and then Majors’ domestic violence scandal came to light.

More women have accused Jonathan Majors of assault

Jonathan Majors denies assault charges, lawyer claims there is enough evidence to prove innocence

Since his conviction, several women have also accused Major of assault and harassment. according to a new York Times According to reports, several of the actor’s ex-girlfriends, colleagues and film set personnel have shared their negative experiences with Majors.

In pre-trial statements to the prosecution against Major in Jabbari’s case and in interviews with the publication, a former girlfriend, Emma Duncan, accused Major of emotionally and physically abusing her. Duncan claimed the “Creed III” actor choked her, threw her around and hurt her on multiple occasions.

She said that dating him was a direct path to losing “your sense of worth.” Another ex-girlfriend Maura Hooper also told Now That Majors had emotionally abused her during their relationship. Both women are actresses who dated Major before he rose to fame.

Jonathan Majors is reportedly known for being ‘volatile and controlling’

Jonathan Majors denies assault charges, lawyer claims there is enough evidence to prove innocence

In the report, Majors was described as a “controlling, threatening individual who isolated his partners from all of their friends and career activities”.

From interviews with actors and film set personnel, it was revealed that Majors was known for his instability on the set of the HBO series “Lovecraft Country”.

During his time on the set, he reportedly had several confrontations with female co-workers, leading him to file a complaint with the network.

Responding to claims made in Now Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhary said in the report, “Mr. Majors is a method actor, widely respected for his ability to immerse himself in character. Countless female producers, co-stars, and on-set members can attest to his professionalism.

The former Marvel star was initially scheduled to be sentenced on February 6. However, it has now been postponed to April 6 after his defense team filed a motion to set aside the verdict.

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