Machine Gun Kelly uses hyperbaric oxygen chamber to bleed, blackout tattoo: ‘Most painful shit’

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Machine Gun Kelly uses hyperbaric oxygen chamber to bleed, blackout tattoo: 'Most painful shit'

machine gun Kelly (née Colson Baker) is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of her recent blackout tattoo.

On Monday, the 33-year-old musician shared an instagram reel What a lengthy process he had to go through to cover up the previous ink on his shoulders, chest and most of his arms.

“So…what else should I take now,” MGK captioned the clip, which shows his arms bleeding and going into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to help the ink heal faster.

At the beginning of the video, the father of one says, “Today is the day I start making physical changes to my body. Let’s see what happens with this.”

MGK documents the entire process in clips, sharing several updates.

At one point in the video diary he says, “We’ve done about seven sessions. It’s been about two weeks since we started. Yeah, this is the most paint I’ve ever shot in my life.”

MGK introduced the first blackout tattoo With a shirtless Instagram photo of himself in February.

“For spiritual purposes only,” she captioned the photo, thanking tattoo artist ROXX.

A few days later, he collapsed A new single titled “Don’t Let Me Go,” in which he referenced the new body art, rapping, “I was broken and bruised all over my body except one line.”

He also officially changed his stage name MGK on all streaming platforms.

For the most part, Machine Gun Kelly hasn’t revealed much about the significance behind the new ink, but his on-again, off-again partner, Megan Foxrecently shared his reaction to this during an appearance on call her daddy podcast.

Fox told host Alex Cooper, “He has a very special story behind why he did that, which obviously I’ll be remiss to tell.” “But his relationship with tattoos was very conflicted emotionally, whatever they were – and I don’t really know – but he didn’t like reliving the memories of some of the tattoos that he had and he wanted them out of them. Get rid of.”

Fox, 37, described the body art as “very art” and compared it to designer Rick Owens. He added, “It’s an upgraded version of all those tattoos that were stitched together.” “I think it’s really beautiful and it’s way ahead of its time. I think in 10 years it will be a trend.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in Aspen, Colorado in December 2023. , BG041/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Machine Gun Kelly and Fox have had a lot of ups and downs since then they started dating first However, in 2020 they got engaged in January 2022 breakup rumors Emerged later that fall and again in February 2023.

During Super Bowl weekend in 2023, A source told ET The pair went to several parties together and MGK even performed at one of them “but he seemed a little different.” “His energy was low and his performance was not good,” the source said.

That same weekend, Fox posted a rendition of Beyoncé’s “Pray You Catch Me”. lemonade Album “You can taste the dishonesty/It’s in your entire breath,” the actress wrote at the time.

Amid speculation, a source said, “Megan and MGK have a passionate relationship filled with intense emotions, both good and bad, but Megan was very upset after the fight.”

“Initially she was supposed to accompany MGK to the event and had planned a full outfit, but she backed out at the last minute,” the source said.

According to the insider, the alleged argument affected MGK’s Super Bowl weekend performance. The source further added, “MGK was not in the right frame of mind to perform after this.” “He wasn’t himself and his band didn’t take over the show. This wasn’t the typical MGK performance or what people expect from him. His mic broke while performing ‘Bloody Valentine’ and he taped it. Did and seemed angry before anyone came to change it.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2023. , Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Since then, MGK and Fox have been seen together on several occasions, including in Aspen last December. However, their relationship status remains unclear.

Actually, during Fox call her daddy In the interview, the actress said, “I guess, at the moment, I don’t have any comment on the relationship status. What I can say is that he is what I call my ‘twin soul.’ And there will always be a bond for him, no matter what. I can’t say for sure what the potential will be, but I will always be connected to him in some way. “Besides, I’m not willing to explain.”

As for how the rapper felt about Fox’s candid interview, A source told ET That he supported it.

“Megan wanted to move on call her daddy “Tell your own story, be candid, and allow yourself to speak your truth without twisting, misrepresenting, or misinterpreting your words,” the source said. MGK is supportive and respects Meghan’s openness. Is. He would never want to silence her in any capacity and admires her strength and willingness to be honest, even if her story involves him and their relationship at some point.”

MGK has a daughter, Cassie Colson Baker, from a previous relationship, while Fox has three children, Noah, Bodhi and Journey, with her ex-husband. brian austin green,

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