Lizzo quits music amid harassment lawsuit and political backlash

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Lizzo is fed up and giving up, ditching Deuce after constant bullying, backlash and an ongoing harassment lawsuit from her former dancers: “I quit!”

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It’s been a long year for Lizzo, who has already faced a lot of hate just for existing as a fat black woman in the spotlight. A big part of his charm is his openness about the ups and downs of life apart from dealing with the pressure of fame. So far, it’s never seemed like he’s been too much to handle.

Lizzo took to Instagram to vent her frustrations about being “pulled down” and “insulted.” On Friday, the feel-good flautist announced she was quitting and certainly wasn’t feeling “good as hell.”

“I’m tired of being dragged down by everyone in my life and on the internet. “I just want to make music and make people happy and help make the world a little better than I found it,” she wrote.

“But I’m starting to feel like the world doesn’t want me in this. I constantly protest the lies being told about me because of my influence and opinions… I am the butt of jokes every now and then because of how I look… People who don’t know me criticize my character. And they disrespect my name.

Lizzo didn’t elaborate further on what this means for her future as an artist before exiting the chat.

“I didn’t sign up for this nonsense – I quit,” she concluded.

Lizzo facing harassment case


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It’s one thing to endure insults about the “Truth Hurts” singer’s looks, but allegations from Lizzo’s former employees followed severe backlash, criticism and career setbacks. Even many of Lizzo’s die-hard fans lost support or withdrew support altogether after a shocking lawsuit that seemingly trashes everything she stands for.

As bossip As previously reported, Lizzo’s former dancers accused Lizzo of sexual harassment, false imprisonment, and multiple forms of discrimination. Ariana Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez compete to join their coveted backup dancers beware of big girls,

The women claimed the singer allegedly pressured dancers at a sex show in Amsterdam to join in with the performers, including “eating bananas that came out of the performers’ vaginas.” She also accused Lizzo and her team of detaining people, intercepting phones, and running rehearsals so rudely that one dancer reportedly peed in her pants instead of taking a break because their jobs were in jeopardy.

Last month, Judge Epstein rejected Lizzo’s motion to dismiss the case, dismissing some of the allegations, such as fat-shaming. The case will proceed. However, Board According to reports, the singer has hit pause while he appeals that decision. Lizzo has denied all the allegations against her.

Political backlash from fundraising for President Biden

The backlash grew even more following Lizzo’s performance at a fundraiser for President Biden. In previous election years this would have been a straightforward commitment, but massive online opposition from both parties and pro-Palestine protests dragged Lizzo over to Biden’s side.

Spreading love and light as a woman like Lizzo is harder than it should be. While the haters always have a lot to say, many of his critics were fans who were hoping that his (ex) girlfriend would rise to the occasion and actually make the world a better place through her work. .

This doesn’t mean Lizzo is in any trouble, but she can prove her character through how she handles these public battles. Hopefully taking a break from fame will give him time to decide how to come back and get things right after these controversies. If anyone can make you better by accepting your mistakes, it has to be Lizzo.

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