Lizzo breaks silence on what she meant by ‘I Quit’

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lizzo After telling fans “I quit” last week, he has made his thoughts clear.

The singer shared a new video in which she explained that her announcement had nothing to do with her exit from the music industry, but to address the negativity she faced.

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Lizzo: ‘I quit focusing on negative energy’


On Friday, March 29, Lizzo made a statement on social media saying that she was fed up of “being dragged down by everyone in my life and on the Internet”, and said, “I quit.”

Naturally, this post caused an uproar among his fans, with many urging him not to give up his career and take a break from making music.

Following that reaction, the “About D-Time” hitmaker uploaded Another post details what exactly he meant by his initial announcement.

Wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit and glam matching the outfit, Lizzo began, “When I say ‘I quit,’ I mean I quit paying attention to any negative energy.” She continued saying:

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“What I’m not going to give up is the joy of my life, which is making music and connecting with people, and I know I’m not alone. In no way, shape or form, am I the only person who does this. “I’m experiencing a negative voice that’s louder than a positive one.”

The Grammy Award winner then left a message for her fans, saying, “If I could inspire one person to stand up for themselves and say that they have to stop letting negative people, negative comments win.” I have done even more.” More than I could have expected.”

“I’ll keep going and I’ll keep going,” Lizzo concluded the clip, which came with a red heart emoji in the caption.

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Social media users find Lizzo’s dedication inspiring

The news instantly touched the hearts of her supporters and over 14 thousand of them gushed over the comments section.

While one person commented, “Yes!!! The industry needs Lizzo!” Along with pink heart emojis, another claimed, “Your music brings me so much joy and empowerment, Lizzo. Please never leave.”

“Girl, don’t mind them!! You’re amazing,” encouraged a third fan, while a fourth wrote, “Actually, I was really worried. Because ma’am, you make bangers!!! Why leave it out?” And a fifth added, “I’m so glad to hear that Lizzo – you’re a huge inspiration.”

Actor and singer, Terrell Carter, also took to the comments to elaborate on the Express:

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“I’m behind you 100 percent! Been there and I know the feeling. But remember that most of the time it’s the people who don’t have the courage to follow their dreams who have the best things to say about you and your A lot of things happen! Live your life the way you want best whenever you can. Keep inspiring people. I’m behind you because you’re definitely inspiring me.”

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Inside Lizzo’s ‘I Quit’ announcement

When Lizzo announced her departure from music production, The Blast reported that she addressed several issues.

For starters, she noted that even though what she wanted to do was “make music and make people happy and help make the world a little better” as much as she “found”, she had learned a bitter lesson.

The lesson underlying this was to “start realizing like the world” was one she did not want to engage in because of “the lies being told about me for influence and ideas.”

The 35-year-old also revealed that “people who don’t know me” constantly make fun of her for being plus-size, picking apart her character and actions.

At the end of the message she insisted, “I didn’t sign up for this, I quit.” As already mentioned, the post inspired a huge number of his fans to beg him to keep making music.

One person emphatically wrote, “Dude FK them!!!!! I was saying the same thing, only decision is to call them F,” and another said, “Just ignore them. They mean nothing.”

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