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“Quiet quitting” is a phrase coined by TikTok user Zaid Khan about a behavior that occurs at work. Quiet quitting is defined simply as keeping one’s activity within the boundaries of one’s job description without participating in hustling. Setting limits and avoiding unreasonable demands that go beyond your pay can help you achieve a work-life balance. Isn’t that a productive workplace culture? Of course.

For the longest time, the phrase was only used to describe workplace culture, but now that we think about it, it might apply to all aspects of our lives, including our favourite – skincare. Now, the beauty world has succumbed to the less is more trend. This is great news for minimalists.

In the past, the skincare industry taught us that using more skincare was better. Although skincare is important, using too many products at once can be detrimental rather than beneficial. Because of this, it is a no-brainer to quit skincare quietly. Read on to learn more about silent quitting and its proper place in the skincare industry.

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