LeBron James thinks players are promoting NCAA rise of women

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With larger audiences than ever before, record-breaking moments, and a heavy focus on particular players, there is no doubt that women’s college basketball is gaining popularity.

LA Lakers star LeBron James recently shared his thoughts on why women’s NCAA teams have seen such a huge rise in popularity.

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LeBron James talks about ‘icon’ of women’s NCAA basketball


Speaking to reporters after the Lakers’ 125-120 win over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, James shared his thoughts on why women’s college basketball has seen such a huge surge in popularity.

James said, “When it comes to college basketball, I don’t think there’s much difference between the men’s and women’s games. I think the women’s game gets popularity because of the symbols they have.”

“You look at Angel Reese, you look at JuJu [Watkins]You look at Caitlin Clark, you look at Paige [Bueckers]You look at that young girl that’s at Iowa State, the freshman girl there, you look at [Cameron] Brink, I believe his last name, is at Stanford, and that’s just to name a few, freshman at Notre Dame. [Hannah Hildalgo],

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LeBron James says NCAA girls are building an ‘iconic legacy’

Lebron James

LeBron James continued to explain the difference between men’s and women’s basketball at the college level. She noted that one big difference is that women cannot enter the WNBA Draft after their freshman year, so they are able to create “a real iconic legacy.”

He added, “That’s what we all like.” “That’s what we all love, and we love the girls game because in that moment, you really get to see those girls, that’s what makes the Final Four and the Elite Eight so great.”

James brought the new popularity of women’s college basketball to “star power”.

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She added, “The star power that we have in the women’s game overshadows some of the men.” “It’s hard to stay with a lot of people because people are going to different places on the transfer portal… It’s hard to stay with one particular person.”

LeBron James said that as a man, if he had a big season his freshman year, he would go to the league, and women don’t have that option.

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iowa vs. LSU breaks a huge viewership record!

LSU vs. Iowa

The growth of women’s college basketball is hard to deny and the viewership numbers only prove it.

Monday night’s Elite Eight game between LSU and Iowa was the most watched women’s college basketball game ever with over 12 million viewers!

According to espn“This makes it one of the most watched games in any sport other than NFL football in the past year.”

Bleacher Report The news of the record-breaking game was shared on Instagram and many fans added their thoughts in the comments section.

One fan wrote, “Proof that men are willing to support women’s basketball if the talent is there.” Another said, “Those girls were ballin’. Best 2 women’s hoops game I’ve ever seen.”

Another person shared, “The new era of women’s basketball is in good hands.”

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Angel Reese has just declared for the 2024 WNBA Draft

LSU star shares his big news TIC Toc on Wednesday.

“So today is a really, really, really, really big day for me,” she said before explaining that she wouldn’t post this video until after her last game at LSU (which happened on Monday).

“I have decided that I will not be returning to LSU next year, and I am going to declare for the WNBA Draft.”

The college junior explained that it was a “tough decision” for her but she feels it is the best decision for her, her career, and her family. Reese also shared that she has other exciting things happening in her life, including being on the cover of Vogue.

A comment on Barbie’s TikTok account read, “Follow your dreams. Congratulations!”

Many fans also shared their excitement for Reese’s upcoming chapter.

“You’re the reason I’ll start watching the NBA when you get drafted,” one person said. Another said, “You did amazing things at LSU, can’t wait to see how much more you do.”

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Caitlin Clark also declared for the 2024 WNBA Draft

Caitlin Clark

The Iowa star is also on her way to the 2024 WNBA Draft.

A few weeks ago, Clark took Instagram To share the news that she is entering the WNBA Draft.

“Although this season is not over yet and we still have many goals to accomplish, this will be my last season at Iowa,” he shared on social media. “I’m excited to enter the 2024 WNBA Draft.”

In addition to entering the WNBA Draft, Clark was offered $5 million to join Ice Cube’s BIG3 league. It has also been reported that sales and sponsorship opportunities also exist.

No word yet on Clark’s reaction to Ice Cube’s offer. Iowa is still in a strong position heading into the NCAA Tournament heading into the Final Four on Friday night against UConn.

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