Leah Remini Gets Degree After Leaving Scientology: ‘It’s Never Too Late!’

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Leah Remini can now check a major goal off her bucket list!

The “King of Queens” actress recently took to social media to share a major accomplishment and an empowering message for others.

Leah Remini earned an associate’s degree from NYU


Remini, 53, shares her story on both TIC Toc And InstagramWith a photo of his degree.

“Three years ago, I began a terrifying journey: becoming a college student at age 50 after only an 8th grade education and spending 35 years in a totalitarian cult,” she began her caption. “After three years of hard work, long nights, tears, and many times feeling like giving up, I have earned an associate’s degree from NYU.”

Her caption further revealed that she’s ready to work on another goal – her graduate degree. She also revealed that she had wanted higher education “for many years”, but did not do so due to fear that she was not “smart enough”. Even after he managed to leave the Church of Scientology, the “brainwashing” remained in his mind for decades.

Remini thanked the important people in her life and said that her many social media followers have helped her as well.

“Many of you have seen me through the most challenging times,” he wrote. “I have read many of your comments and have been inspired by them.”

Leah Remini shares some inspiration for others thinking of taking the ‘leap’ later in life

During her three-year journey through college, Remini heard from many others sharing their stories about pursuing a college education later in life.

“I know I’m in a privileged position that has given me the freedom to do this. But over the past three years, I have heard from thousands of people, especially women, who have decided to take the leap at age one and get their GED or pursue a college education,” her caption continued.

“Whether a cult controls your life, you have a full-time job as a stay-at-home parent or a full-time job outside the home, it’s never too late to continue your education and pursue what you want it occurs. I always want to achieve something for myself!”

Leah Remini’s social media followers share words of encouragement and support

leah remini

Remini’s Instagram post received more than 64,000 likes and 6,000 comments.

“I went to college, I’m 58 and just need a few more classes to get a bachelor’s degree…you’ve inspired me to get it done!” one person wrote in the comments section.

Another person shared, “Got BA degree at the age of 49. Now, at the age of 57, I’m moving to a new country to fulfill a lifelong dream. Age can never stop you. Congratulations on your degree!”

On TikTok, Remini’s post received over 300,000 views and nearly 3,000 comments.

Many of her TikTok followers shared their personal stories of attending college later in life.

“Congratulations! At 53, I’m 3 classes away from getting my Associate’s,” one follower wrote. Another said, “This is amazing. I left Mormonism, got my degree at 40, and this Going to law school in the fall. Never too old.”

Another person shared, “Congratulations!! I turn 50 in December 2023 and have been accepted into nursing school in January 2024. This is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life! I’m proud of you!”

Leah Remini shares news about college admissions in 2021 on Instagram

Remini shared her acceptance letter to NYU to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts on Instagram in May 2021.

“I am so excited, in tears and want to share it with you guys. For someone like me, a person who wants higher education and choices in her life, coming from a creed and a family that doesn’t value education, this is a huge day for me,” she said in her Instagram caption. wrote.

“it was not easy. This is the last part of my life that I am taking back from Scientology.

She said fear, feeling unworthy, and age led her to “take this step.”

One Instagram follower shared, “I, too, at almost 48, completed a two-year college course, so I completely understand this feeling. It’s exciting, stressful, nerve-wracking, fun and most of all gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment. Congratulations girl.”

Another person said, “I just started grad school at 54! I love that you’re doing this! “Continuous learning and always moving forward is the key to aging well.”

Leah Remini has been speaking out about Scientology for years

@leahremini No other organization with religious status and tax exemption responds to the truth like this. Everything I said in my introduction was true. I am far from perfection and have worked on myself a lot. And I want to note that most of the time, Scientology attacks me and others with outright lies. This is why I filed a lawsuit against Scientology and David Miscavige. #memoir #autobiography #Book #Scientology ♬ Original Sound – Leah Remini

Remini, who left the Church of Scientology in 2013 after being a member since childhood, has been outspoken about the organization for years. He shared his story in his memoir, “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology,” published in late 2015.

A few months ago, the actress had shared a TikTok video about writing her book.

“Let me start with this. I am an apostate. I have lied. I have cheated. I’ve done things in my life that I’m not proud of,” she said in her video. “This includes falling in love with a married man 19 years ago, being selfish and self-centered, fighting with almost everyone through hateful emails, texts and spoken words, from parking to physically threatening people , but not limited to. Ticket meter maids for parents who publicly kill their children Don’t show up to funerals of people I loved, because I don’t deal well with death.

Her video continued about the many things she said she is not proud of in her life and why she is being transparent about all this.

“Why am I revealing all this? Because once the Church of Scientology gets its hands on the book, it can spend a lot of money running advertisements, creating websites, and inciting celebrities to make public statements that their religious beliefs are under attack,” she added. Said. “This is all in an attempt to defame me by tarnishing my reputation and that of anyone close to me.”

Many viewers of her video shared empowering and supportive messages for the actress.

“Awesome! Thank you for being so brave,” one person shared. Another wrote, “You are human and you are amazing. I love it and support you 1000%.”

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