Lashana Lynch opens up about what Bob Marley means to her

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have you seen Bob Marley: One Love As yet? We were especially excited to see the movie because one of our favorite actresses, Lashana Lynch, plays Rita Marley in the movie.

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Lynch told Bossip this role playing It was more than just an option, especially because Jamaica background.

“I don’t think it was a decision, I think it was something that came out of feeling, to be honest, which I’m grateful for,” Lynch told Bossip. “I think, as I’ve been saying, it was a time in my life where I felt, unknown to me, felt ready and felt that I could spiritually and energetically lean toward someone who Deserves to be represented in the best way and the most authentic way. And you know I’m of Jamaican descent, I’m of British descent and I’m very proud that I try to incorporate my culture in every moment of my career. And to do it so completely and so boldly is a real problem for me, that’s all I can say.”

Bob Marley: One Love

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There’s obviously a certain pressure that comes with portraying a real person – especially when that person is one of the most important figures in Jamaican culture, but Lynch says both he and Kingsley Ben-Adir initially Had made a pact not to bow before it.

“If I wanted pressure, there was definitely pressure on me, but I didn’t want that,” Lynch told Bossip. “I wanted it to be as peaceful a journey as possible during and after the release of the film and for everyone to celebrate it the way they have. I think for both me and Kingsley, we decided early on to throw it away. Since I’m of Jamaican descent, I know what I’m doing. I know I’m representing Mrs. Marley, the family, and trying to make Jamaica proud, but I also know that we have a group of people involved in this movie who are working hard to make everyone happy. Makes it challenging to be competent. But I think the main people to please were spiritual Bob and Mrs. Marley and that was my goal.

Bob Marley: One Love

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Lynch drew on his musical experience for his role and said that participating in the production made his love for Marley even stronger.

“I come from music,” Lynch said. “I sang before I acted, so the way I digest Bob’s music, just being of Jamaican descent and being musical, I find it different anyway. It sits differently with me. There are a lot of different songs that pop into my head. I go through their albums often, there isn’t a single one of them that I like anymore. It’s the feeling of their energy that is so rooted in something that, I haven’t found the words for yet. It’s just rooted in another world that makes me appreciate his process and how raw he was, with the truth and with his heart, too. This is something that influences me as an artist. So that you can go there and also protect yourself and live a full life. That man is the same, never been the same – still is, his energy and vibration.”

Bob Marley: One Love Currently available to purchase or rent on digital from Paramount Home Entertainment until March 19, 2024. The film will be released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™ and DVD on May 28.

have you seen Bob Marley: One Love As yet? What did you think?

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