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Lana goes down! king’s woolThe 38-year-old fainted while celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII win Taylor Swift and the rest of Taylor’s star-studded team on February 11 a video It’s gone viral on social media, with Lana – who is actually a San Francisco 49ers fan – joining the entire group and cheering after the Chiefs beat the 49ers in overtime. But amid the chaos, Lana was shocked and fell into her seat. Luckily, some people helped him while the festivities continued.

Lana originally didn’t sit with Taylor at Super Bowl LVIII, but she eventually joined the “Cruel Summer” singer and the rest of Taylor’s friends — including kelly taylor, ice masalaAnd Blake Lively – In a suite to see the end of the game. When Lana sat down with Taylor & Co. she took off her red leather 49ers jacket and wore a black top and jeans.

Lana and Taylor have been friends for years and even collaborated on the song “Snow on the Beach” from Taylor’s 2022 album. Midnight, The two stars went to the 2024 Grammy Awards together on February 4, where Midnight Won Album of the Year. Lana, whose album Did you know there is a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? Also nominated for an AOTY, she accompanied Taylor on stage while accepting the award.

in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar In November, Lana revealed how her and Taylor’s collaboration is going Midnight This happened.

“What happened with ‘Snow on the Beach’ was actually the song Taylor wanted me to sing on. If I feel that someone’s song is perfect then I will play the role of producer in it. I can imitate almost anyone, so the first version of ‘Snow on the Beach’ totally includes me, but I mixed and matched her vocals perfectly so you would never know I was that. was in the first song,” Lana explained. “She wanted me to sing the whole thing, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

talking to Board In February 2023, Lana, who co-wrote “Snow on the Beach” with Taylor jack antonoff, revealed that she initially “had no idea” that she was the “sole feature” on the song. Lana said, “If I had known, I would have sung the entire second verse the way she wanted.” “My job as a feature on a big artist’s album is to make sure I help produce the songs, so my focus was more on production.”

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