Lake Hills x Frightham drop mesmerizing ‘Safer With You’ single and video

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Lake Hills x Frightham drop mesmerizing 'Safer With You' single and video

As the worlds of techno-house rhythms collide with drum and bass grit, Texan producer Frightham and LA-based experimental artist Lake Hills unveil their spectacular collaboration in the form of ‘Safer With You’. Released on December 8th via Alpha Pup Records, this musical collaboration captivates listeners from the very first note with a soulful blend of heartfelt melodies, acid claps, ethereal vocals and atmospheric beats.

Known for his genre-defying productions influenced by artists like Flume and Cashmere Cat, Frightham has teamed up with Lake Hills to create a track that spans the spectrum from atmospheric fluid house beats to techno-driven four-on-the-floor kicks. Searches for. With previous successful hits including Lake Hills’ recent performance at iii Points Miami and Frightham’s acclaimed album. Flow In 2020, the pair will bring a wealth of creativity and experience to their joint venture.

‘Safer With You’ is a testament to their passionate collaboration, expertly mixed and produced by the dynamic duo. Produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer Daddy Cave, the track showcases the duo’s ability to traverse diverse electronic avenues while maintaining a consistent and experimental sound.

The collaborative effort is also accompanied by a catchy music video, which captures the deep emotions behind the music and beats. Frytham reminisced about the project, sharing, “Jake and I find ourselves in the midst of significant life changes, him embarking on a journey to start a family and me returning to my mother and sister after a period of separation. “Rediscovering the bond together.”

The music video serves as both aesthetic stimulation and contemplative space, inviting viewers to contemplate the comforting embrace felt in the presence of loved ones. As Frytham says, “‘Safer With You’ was composed with a deep feeling of love coming from our hearts.” The nostalgic clips provide a genuine glimpse into the cast’s lives, and provide heartfelt accounts of their personal experiences.

For fans of innovative beatmakers like Nosaz Thing, Flying Lotus and Flume, ‘Safer With You’ emerges as a powerful testament to the magic that can manifest through collaboration and artistic fusion. As Frytham rightly notes, the project is a manifestation of the pair’s commitment to enjoying the creative process, laughing, dancing, and trusting each other through the ups and downs of musical exploration.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast of the electronic soundscape or a newbie seeking a transformative experience, this collaboration promises to be a worthwhile journey. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic beats, ethereal vocals and visually stunning narrative – because the adventure truly never ends.

Stream ‘Safer With You’ by Lake Hills x Frightham here and immerse yourself in a world where sound and emotion meet.

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