Kim Kardashian goes blank and loses memory of secrets exposed

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Is Kim Kardashian Burning yourself to entertain fans? Perhaps this is the question in the minds of the audience.kardashian,

After missing part of her day, the “KUWTK” star recently expressed concern about her well-being. A busy schedule is nothing new for this socialite, but her trip to New York in May must have been very difficult for this TV personality.

Kim Kardashian reportedly suffered memory loss

The latest episode of Hulu’s series “The Kardashians” saw the mother of four suffering from memory lapses after an exhausting trip to the Big Apple. The sensual goddess tested her stamina by engaging in a number of events.

The reality TV star’s schedule included rehearsing for her role on the hit Ryan Murphy series, “American Horror Story,” starring in a Time magazine cover shoot, attending a SKIMS business meeting and attending Olivier Rousteing’s fashion festival. Was. That’s not everything! Kardashian also had a fitting for her Met Gala dress, appeared on the “Today” show and supported her loved ones.

Despite the drama between the SKIMS founder and her big sister Kourtney Kardashian, the billionaire entrepreneur met the new mom with her husband Travis Barker at the opening show of the Blink-182 tour in Brooklyn. However, participating in these activities led to unexpected consequences.


Recalling the morning of her “Today” show appearance on May 16, the People’s Choice Award winner revealed that she slept for the first time in her entire career. Kardashian said she was so tired that she ate ice cream, hoping to regain consciousness before the interview.

The “Disaster Movie” actress shared footage of herself after meeting with a representative of the news show, where she looked dazed as she greeted fans. In the clip, the 43-year-old spills secrets about SKIMS’s unreleased plans and is later filmed asking about a Tiffany store before visiting the establishment.

However, the mother of four confessed to having “no recollection” of her interactions with fans or her visit to the store. Recalling the scary loss of her memory, Kardashian described the incident as a vague dream. Words from the Choice Female Reality/Variety Star honoree:

“I didn’t know I was stopping at Tiffany’s store and posting all about it. Did I really go? It felt like a dream. This whole morning has been a complete foggy dream.”

The horrific incident didn’t sit well with KarJenner’s matriarch, Kris Jenner, who sat down with her daughter to discuss her event. The mother wondered whether the sensual queen had deliberately kept a tight timetable to avoid something in her life.

However, the “selfish” author dismissed her concerns and linked her busy schedule to her inability to say “no”. Kardashian claimed that she can’t say no to people because she once said “no” to someone and they cut her out of their lives.

Chris Appleton and Lucas Gage attend The Daily Front Row's 7th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Nevertheless, Jenner remained concerned about her daughter’s well-being and feared that the 43-year-old would “burn out”. But catching a break may be tough for the businesswoman, who recently launched a new nipple bra and men’s line for her SKIMS brand.

Kim Kardashian’s Super Advice to Newly Divorced Chris Appleton and Lucas Gage

Before suffering from memory blanks, the “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” star had officiated a wedding between her hairstylist Chris Appleton and actor Lucas Gage. However, before the pair took the plunge, the 43-year-old woman passed on the wisdom she gained from her former unions.

An episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians” series revealed that the mother of four had urged Appleton to enter into a prenuptial agreement. In the scene, the hair stylist video calls Gage to chat with the reality TV star. But, the entertainer interjected:

“Oh my God, congratulations. Wait, can I give you a tip from a lawyer? Prenup.”

Additionally, the entrepreneur offered to draft a prenuptial agreement for the then-couple, as if predicting their divorce. The former lovebirds ended their relationship barely seven months later when the TV personality served as the duo’s officiant at their Las Vegas wedding.

Appleton called off the marriage, filed for divorce and cited Hollywood-typical “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the separation. Luckily, the pair took Kardashian’s advice and did prep work to make the dissolution process easier.

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