Khloe Kardashian praises Tristan for sitting down with Kylie and Kourtney

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Khloe Kardashian is giving props to Tristan Thompson for taking responsibility for his repeated infidelities and the damage his constant infidelity has caused.

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in this week’s episode kardashian, Khloe and Tristan take a look back at their rollercoaster relationship. After seeking therapy and working on herself, Thompson decided to apologize to Kardashian’s family members, praising all the work the Good American founder has done on herself.

“Tristan is doing a lot of work on therapy and Tristan is working a lot on himself. He wants to prove that he’s a different person and I’m not really into this stuff,” Khloe said People Referring to the episode, he said that he has taken steps to apologize to him and his family. “That’s between them and each member of the family.”

Now that the baller has spent so much time on bettering himself, Tristan shared that he’s finally in a place where he can “actually look at the mistakes I made and admit.”

He confessed about his past infidelities, saying, “To be honest, years ago, I don’t think I knew how much damage I had done.”

As uncomfortable as it may be to have these conversations with not only Khloé, but her family, Tristan recognizes the importance of talking to everyone “whether they want to hear it or not” because it helps him “feel better” to express ” will be. My truth towards him.”

“Most people want to run and hide from these situations and Tristan wants to walk right into the storm and face it head on,” Khloe told the cameras. “And I commend them for that.”

Later in the episode, Thompson went to Kylie Jenner’s house, where the two sat down and talked about their past drama and specifically how Tristan’s cheating affected her.

“Everyone was affected in different ways but I think basically the situation of losing a sister affected you the most,” Tristan told Kylie. People.

“You lost Jordan, who was a big part of your life. I know how much she meant to your life and your relationship, you guys were like two peas in a pod. So the fact that I put myself and her in a situation that wasn’t right, and wasn’t smart, made it harder for you and Khloe.

He added, “It’s 100 percent on me but I want to say that I’m sorry and I feel bad about it. The fact that I came up with my bad decisions and being stupid, and being young and stupid, I wanted to say I’m sorry for that again because life is too short and it sucks because even though we made our Mistakes, sometimes it is difficult to come back from such situations.”

While Kylie was appreciative of Tristan’s apology, she ultimately thinks the separation was good for her and Jordyn, and reveals that they are both in a better place today.

“I think I was so co-dependent with Jordyn that I could never imagine my life without her,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder explained. “We probably would still be living together, and I think he needed to grow without me, I needed to grow without him. But you know, Jordan and I are good. We still talk and meet, we are good.”

During his conversation with Kourtney Kardashian, the Cleveland Cavaliers player explained why he cheats, and insisted that he doesn’t know how to love properly because of his childhood.

Tristan shared, “I was cheating just for an act, cheating just for a feeling, but it also really came down to I didn’t know how to love, because that’s how I was raised. ” “What I saw from my father, how he treated my mother, how traumatized you feel as a child when you see that, because you can’t protect your mother because you’re so young. And because your mom tells you it’s OK, you basically numb your own feelings of being scared or sad. It’s my form of a defense mechanism.”

Kardashian wasn’t as forgiving as her sister, ultimately telling Thompson: “I don’t think you deserve Khloe, or that the actions you’ve taken are something she deserves.”

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