Keith Lee announces ‘Redemption Food Tour’ in Atlanta

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The Keith Lee and the Family Four Tour is taking a new approach!

After visiting ten states on a food tour in 2023, Lee is scheduled to visit them again with a “new and improved system.”

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Keith Lee is headed to Atlanta… again!

TikTok | keith lee

The popular food critic has visited three cities so far in 2024 on his food tour, but he’s about to change the arrangement.

He began his announcement by saying, “We have decided as a family, we are going to take a redemption journey.” TIC Toc, “Last year, we went to about 10 states on a family food trip. This year, we went to about three states so far. And we discussed as a family that it made sense to do a redemption trip, because in the states we This year the Tour had different rules, different categories and different structures.”

To be fair, Lee said they’re going to “start at the bottom of the list,” meaning Atlanta will be their first stop on the new tour.

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“It’s a redemption tour. It’s different from a food tour, that is, we are not doing a repeat tour. Meaning, we are not going to the same places we visited last time,” he explained. “This is a completely fresh slate. Clean slate.”

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Keith Lee will visit different restaurants than his last time in Atlanta

For the “Redemption Food Tour” Lee would visit restaurants he had not visited last time and use new categories in his reviews.

She added, “We’re going to mom-and-pop places. We’re going to popular places that you all voted on on my IG story.” “And spots of different races and different cultures.”

He also revealed that this time, “we will be safe.” The family “will have people with us who are legitimate and licensed.”

He repeated, “We don’t want to use them, but we will.” “My family is getting home safe, and I mean every bone in my body.”

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Keith Lee’s last trip to Atlanta was eventful

keith lee
TikTok | keith lee

When Lee and his family traveled to Atlanta in October, things were quite eventful. His time there was unlike any other city he had visited.

“This week has been crazy,” he said in a recap video after the Atlanta visit. “This is a recap of everything that happened this week. The good and the not so good.”

After this Lee told about some craziness that happened to him in Atlanta. They shared a timeline of the places they visited and how the trips went, as well as some of the drama that happened at a particular location.

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“They said there was a two-and-a-half hour wait. We said, ‘Okay, we’re going somewhere else.’ When we walked out, the entire staff followed us. They urged us to stay and said we could sit down immediately,” he said. “Again, I’m not the target audience for this.”

His video also shared some blessings that happened along with other drama in Atlanta.

Watch his Atlanta recap video Here,

Cardi B stuck with Keith Lee after his Atlanta drama

While there was talk about Lee’s Atlanta drama, rapper Cardi B got wind of it and made up for Lee during one of her live streams.

“I always feel like it’s such an event when I dine out in Atlanta,” he said. “You can barely order in Atlanta restaurants.”

She went on to explain how difficult it is to order food in Atlanta and that many establishments do not do take-out orders.

Many viewers left comments to chat about interesting differences in the Atlanta food scene.

“I wouldn’t survive in Atlanta. I need a place where I can just eat. A girl gets hungry,” one person wrote. Another commented, “Keith literally got the entire country talking about Atlanta.”

Keith Lee and Cardi B recently teamed up for two food review videos

cardi b and keith lee
TikTok | keith lee

Although Cardi wasn’t aware of Lee’s reviews until the Atlanta debacle, she definitely knows about her now.

The two have recently partnered up to do not one, but two video reviews. Unique collaborations included trying out the Easy Street Burger in LA and making and trying Bulldack Carbonara Ramen Noodles.

Both videos quickly went viral with millions of views and thousands of comments.

“The support we didn’t know we needed,” one viewer shared in the comments of a video.

Another person asked, “Keith and Cardi?!?! In the same TikTok?!? This wasn’t on my 2024 bingo card, but I love it!!!”

Fans can watch burger video Here and noodles video Here,

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