Kanye West drops Taylor Swift in a new song from his album

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controversial rapper Kanye West Singer’s name has been cut once again Taylor Swift Her last attempt at a new song took a toll on her psychologically.

West had a bitter falling out with the pop star when he referenced her in his song and called her a “b–“, but claimed he had asked her permission.

This comes after Ozzy Osbourne and his wife criticized the rapper for sampling his band’s hit song “War Pigs” without permission.

Kanye West Namedrops Taylor Swift Again


During his “Vultures” album listening party in New York on Friday, he referenced Swift’s name in one of West’s new songs on the project, evoking memories of their infamous feud eight years ago.

In his 2016 track “Famous”, West sang, “For all my South Side Ann – the ones who know me best / I think me and Taylor might still have a relationship – / Why? I Made him famous.”

For the new song “Carnival” from his joint music project with Ty Dolla $ign, the controversial rapper included Swift’s name along with other celebrities like Bill Cosby and Elon Musk.

West Sand, “She’ll Lift It Like a Ventriloquist/ i mean taylor swift Since I had a rollie on my wrist / I’m the new Jesus, b— / I turned the water into Chris / It’s for what they did to Chris / They can’t do that – with it.

He also rapped, “Now I’m ya Kelly, b—- / Now I’m Bill Cosby, b—- / Now I’m puff daddy rich / That’s me too rich.”

Taylor Swift doesn’t like Kanye West’s attempt to remove his last name

Kanye West at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Arrival, Los Angeles, USA - 09 February 2020

The “Bad Blood” hitmaker was angered by West’s reference to Swift in 2016, as it contained lyrics that referenced her in a derogatory manner, leading to a public falling out between the two artists.

The music video features a naked Swift lying next to West along with other celebrities, with his then-wife Kim Kardashian on the other side.

The “Donda” rapper claimed that he asked for Swift’s blessing for the song, but the songstress denied this, noting that she never gave him permission to refer to her as a “b–“.

The feud escalated when West’s then-wife Kim Kardashian released a recording of a phone call between them, seemingly suggesting Swift had given her blessing for the controversial lyrics.

However, Swift said the recording was edited and did not show the full context of the conversation.

During a recent interview time magazineThe pop star spoke openly about the moment and said it had a psychological impact on her and left her afraid she might lose her career.

Taylor Swift said it affected her psychologically

Christian McCaffrey's mom: Taylor Swift 'is dead to us' before Super Bowl

Last December, the pop star opened up about the impact West’s actions had on her, comparing public criticism to “the death of a career”, while saying that her career was “taken away from her”. Went”.

The Grammy-winning singer subtly called West and Kardashian “trash” and criticized the reality TV star for “psychologically demeaning her.”

“You have a completely manufactured frame job in an illegally recorded phone call that Kim Kardashian edited and then told everyone to tell that I was a liar,” Swift explained. Time,

“It took me psychologically to a place I had never been before. I went abroad. I did not leave the rented house for a year. “I was afraid to make phone calls,” the Grammy Award-winning singer said.

She revealed that it alienated her from “most of the people in my life” because she “didn’t trust anyone anymore.”

“I thought that that moment of reaction would define me negatively for the rest of my life,” she explained.

The feud between Swift, West, and Kardashian notably marked the birth of her most rebellious and controversial album to date, “Reputation.”

Sharon Osbourne criticizes Kanye West for sampling Ozzy’s song

Kanye was seen smiling as he left E.Baldi restaurant after dining with friends

West was recently embroiled in a heated feud with the Osbournes after sampling the rock star’s hit song “War Pigs” for a track on his upcoming “Vultures” album.

Ozzy took to X to condemn and distance himself from West due to his past anti-Semitic comments. He said that although West asked for permission, he refused because the “All of the Lights” rapper “is an anti-Semite and has caused untold pain to many people.”

“He went ahead and used the sample at his album listening party last night. I don’t want anything to do with this man!” Ozzy added.

Sharon then echoed her husband’s comments and called West “associated with the wrong Jew” and also called the rapper “a pig” and an “outrageous anti-Semite” who “represents hatred.”

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