Kanye West claims he is close to bankruptcy after losing more than $2 billion

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Kanye West It showed how much the anti-Semitism controversy really cost him.

amidst his praise Super Bowl In the Yeezy ad, the rapper revealed that he was “two months” away from filing for bankruptcy after losing more than $2 billion in one day.

He shared that Yeezy made millions from endorsements, and his new album, “Vultures,” is topping charts worldwide. Fans also praised West heavily, calling the ad pure marketing genius and one of the “greatest” Super Bowl commercials. West himself was also at the game with his wife Bianca Sensori, wearing head-to-toe black.

Kanye West claims he was months away from bankruptcy


West recently revealed that he was just “two months away” from declaring bankruptcy in 2022 following his massive anti-Semitism scandal.

At that time, the scandal became so big that Adidas ended its partnership with his Yeezy company, costing West $2 billion and his status as a billionaire.

During a conversation with A news outletWest said he put “everything in” [he] Was in their Yeezy Super Bowl ad for the brand’s new collection and their new album, “Vultures”.

The rapper revealed that as his anti-Semitism scandal began to take a financial blow, he decided to move away from the US with his wife Bianca Sensori.

“We went to Italy,” he said. We went into factories, and we survived. We survived cancellation. We are at number one again.”

West has indeed slowly made his way back into the music and business world, despite several minor controversies involving him and Sensori regarding his sartorial choices and his anti-Semitic comments.

Yeezy made millions from Super Bowl ad

Kanye was seen smiling as he left E.Baldi restaurant after dining with friends

During the interview, West also revealed that Yeezy had earned $19.3 million from the Super Bowl advertisement, and was holding the number one spot in Vulture’s 100 countries. When asked if he believed the scandal actually “helped” him, the “Prize God” rapper said, “It wasn’t about the controversy. It was about being able to say that out loud.” It was about how you were feeling.”

He explained, “If I didn’t have various skills and fan groups in music and clothing, they would have been able to destroy me. But because we had all those skill sets, somehow I’m able to fight inside this universe.

The rapper was also asked if he regretted making controversial anti-Semitic statements, and he said that everyone “has the right to their opinion.”

West’s acclaimed Super Bowl ad was actually a very simple promo for his brand and music and was filmed in the back of a car.

In it, West said, “Hey y’all, this is this, and this is my ad… (My team) spent all the money on the commercial space (so we) didn’t actually spend any money on the actual ad. . But the idea is I want you to go to Yeezy.com. Imma write this at the bottom of the screen… and I found some shoes, and ummmm… that’s it.”

Fans praised Kanye West’s ad on social media.

Although West’s ad may seem bizarre, especially compared to the flashy, big project ads from other brands, a lot of fans appreciated its simplicity. After it aired, many people took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their opinions and called it an example of marketing genius.

One fan wrote, “That genius is Kanye West. Put an ad on the Super Bowl that will trend beyond the Super Bowl.”

Another person tweeted, “I didn’t watch the Superbowl but I’ve seen this ad three times. You are really very talented.”

West himself was also present at the Super Bowl to cheer on the Kansas Chiefs as they claimed victory again. The “All of the Lights” rapper was in the same arena with two famous women from his past, music rival Taylor Swift and ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

West came in full disguise as he entered the stadium hand-in-hand with Sensei. The Grammy Award-winning rapper wore a black crucifix mask by Alexander McQueen, a black leather jacket and shiny leather trousers. Sensei was also dressed in black, complete with a jacket and a shiny hooded accessory.

Following the Super Bowl event, the rapper shared several equally adorable videos of his Sensory on his social media pages. Later, he criticized fans who questioned his reason for sharing the video clip, saying that his wife “makes him happy.”

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