Kanye West brags about wife Bianca Sensori posting three erotic videos

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Kanye West He took to his Instagram page to criticize fans who were questioning his reason for sharing an erotic video of his wife. Bianca Censorthree times.

For some reason, West decided to post a clip of him dancing sensually at the Super Bowl after-party three times, which got some reaction from his fans.

Speaking on the issue, West said that he posts sensual posts because it makes him happy and that fans need to stay away from it because he gave them what they wanted: his album.

Kanye West claims Bianca posted sensory video


West loves his wife and he’s letting the world know that. The rapper shared a video on his Instagram account, condemning who harassed him for posting several sensorial videos.

The “All of the Lights” rapper shared three similar video clips of Sensi in a very skimpy outfit, dancing at a Super Bowl after-party. He captioned the clip, “Still the King.”

This left his fans wondering if everything was okay and why would fans share the same video of his wife three times.

Responding to the criticism, West said in a video, “Y’all, I just wanted to let everyone know that I knowingly posted my wife three times.” The video then showed Sensi laughing with her husband in her sexy see-through bodysuit.

West continued, “So what I’m saying is that I delivered the album and the people [are] Still talking about ‘why’ in my comments [are] You’re posting your wife?’ Because she makes me happy. That’s why all of you [are] Happy with music. Because I’m happy, you understand?”

The rapper warned his fans not to say “nothing negative” and that if they don’t like his page or what he’s posting, they should “f—” themselves.

“Seriously! Leave me alone. Leave the king alone. I don’t care bro. Imma post my wife as much as I want. Go post your wife on your f—— Instagram.

In the caption of the video, West wrote, ‘I will post my wife as much as I want brother. it makes me happy. Some people don’t want you to be happy. They want you to make them happy. I decided to make myself happy and I am happy with it.”

Fans urge rapper to post more Bianca Sensory videos

Kanye West calls wife Bianca Sensori the most 'amazing stepmom' with '140 IQ'
Instagram | Kanye West

Soon after sharing the video, the rapper’s fans shared their thoughts, with some supporting West and others calling him out for posting Sensei’s video.

One person wrote, “I don’t understand why people are always so negative online. Like, just keep it to yourself, bring more positivity into the world!!”

Another said, “Post your wife, my brother. Glad you are happy. You [are] One of the only real artists left who isn’t scared!!!!”

A third person commented, “The album was bad! And your wife is beautiful/hot but you already know that!”

“Brother, I am very upset that you posted about your wife three times, I am not your boss. “I’m your brother, but I think you should have posted it four times to make sure people understand the boundaries between his and his page and your page and yours,” a fourth person joked.

Amidst the support, some people claimed that the problem with the censorious videos was how extreme they were.

“We’re not offended by you posting your wife, it’s basically naked,” one fan said.

Bianca Censori and Kanye West’s Super Bowl outing

Sensory’s video clips were shared following the couple’s appearance at the 2024 Super Bowl. West and Sensei participated in the event in their signature style.

The rapper concealed his identity by wearing an Alexander McQueen mask with a black head covering and a white crucifix. He was wearing a black leather jacket and shiny pants.

Sensi matched her husband’s style by wearing a large black jacket and a shiny headgear that completely covered her hair, leaving her face exposed.

Later, at a Super Bowl after-party, the 29-year-old model wore a revealing flesh-colored bodysuit that barely covered her body. In the video of the event shared by her husband, Sensei can be seen adjusting the outfit several times to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

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