K-pop star Kareena breaks up weeks after apologizing to fans for having a boyfriend

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after Apologizing for a new relationship last month This angered some particularly animated fans, k pop star Kareena is single once again – highlighting the long-standing challenges of dating in the Korean entertainment fandom.

Kareena of girl group Espa and actor Lee Jae-wook have broken up after going public with it five weeks ago, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap, citing statements from the pair’s respective representatives.

According to Yonhap report, Lee’s agency, C-JS Studios, said they ended the relationship to focus on work, “leaving them as partners who support each other “

Their relationship was confirmed by agencies in late February – a rare example of K-pop singers dating publicly in an industry where stars, known as idols, face heavy scrutiny and pressure from some fans. Have to face.

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K-pop star Kareena has broken up with her boyfriend, weeks after he was forced to apologize for their relationship. (Getty Images via CNN)

According to the Chosun Ilbo newspaper, Kareena came under criticism after the news broke – some fans sent a truck with electronic billboards to the headquarters of Kareena’s agency.

“Don’t you get enough love from your fans?” Read it. “Why did you choose to deceive your fans?”

It said, “Please apologize directly. Otherwise, you will see declining album sales and empty concert seats.”

Shortly after, Kareena posted a handwritten letter on Instagram, in which she apologized to her supporters and vowed to “show more maturity and work harder to move forward without disappointing all (my fans)”.

Not all fans were disappointed – many expressed support for Karina and Lee, arguing that stars should also have private lives and personal relationships.

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Kareena of Espa
The Espa singer posted a hand-written note on Instagram apologizing to fans. (Instagram)

But it was not always so.

In the past, K-pop stars who made their relationships public have faced huge public backlash, sometimes impacting their professional careers and contracts.

As a result, record labels have long imposed strict rules on their stars, limiting their ability to date publicly – and fostering the fantasy of accessible, untouchable celebrities.

There have been some signs of change in recent years, with attitudes slowly changing among both fans and agencies. Notably, the agencies of BLACKPINK singer Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo-hyun confirmed last year that they were dating.

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Celebrity moments and photos people can’t stop talking about

But as the Billboard incident showed, taboos persist – and although Kareena and Lee’s statements made no mention of the feud, fans blamed the incident for the end of the relationship.

A top comment under Kareena’s most recent Instagram post this week read, “I’m really disappointed and I don’t understand why two people who love each other should separate because of fans. “

“Your private life is no one’s business except the parties involved. This is truly disgusting.”

Another commenter wrote: “Next time you’re dating someone you won’t be posting an apology!!”

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