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joel richardson It’s definitely a happy moment, considering she’s starring in three of the biggest shows on streaming right now.

The 59-year-old actor is back on our screens in a new look Disney+ series renegade nail, After starring in Netflix HITS gentlemen And one day,

The British actress, daughter of iconic actress Dame Vanessa Redgrave and film producer Tony Richardson, tells 9Honey Celebrity that she’s been in the industry a long time and knows success comes in waves, but she’s having a lot of fun riding it. Is.

Watch the video above.

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Joely Richardson is starring in three of the biggest shows on streaming right now. (Joe Maher/Getty Images)

“If it goes up again, you know it’ll go down again and if you’re lucky, it’ll go up again,” he told 9Honey Celebrity in London.

“And I think it’s great for me, I think I get to play these interesting characters that are very different.”

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101 dalmatian The star, who is still regularly stopped by people who “grew up just watching the movie”, says “I love it” when the characters she plays pursue her for long periods of time.

Joely Richardson as Lady Eularia in Renegade Nell
The actress is portrayed as Lady Eularia Moggerhanger in Renegade Nell. (Luke Worley/Disney+)

In Renegade NellJolie plays eccentric diva Lady Eularia Mogerhanger, a newspaper magnate trying to expose highway robber Nellie Jackson. dairy girls Actress Louisa Harland) as she wants to avenge her father’s death with the help of some magic.

But it’s not just her leading roles that fans love – Jolie’s personal life also makes headlines.

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social media was full Tribute to his sister, actress Natasha RichardsonEarlier this month the famous family marked 15 years since Natasha’s shock death following a skiing accident at the age of 45.

Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson with their sister, Joely Richardson, and their mother, Vanessa Redgrave
Jolie (far right) with mother Vanessa Redgrave (far left), her late sister Natasha and Natasha’s husband Liam Neeson. (Nick Algar/Getty Images)

Jolie spoke about the touching anniversary, when two of her co-stars, Frank Dillon and Annie Okoronkwo, who were sitting on either side of her in a London hotel room, held each other’s hands.

Richardson addressed the actors, saying, “It’s been 15 years now and sorry, you see, this act of kindness has suddenly made me cry and I was fine before, thank you guys.”

“No time has passed and the first few years, let’s say, up to 10 [years]We will gather all the close people and remember that day.

“But now, we just agree on it.”

Jolie, who often shares old photos of herself and Natasha on social media, said this year was a special post.

“I was particularly touched by the tributes to her son on social media,” Jolie said of Daniel Neeson, one of two sons Natasha shares with the actor. Liam Neeson,

Jolie, whose father died when she was 26, said she doesn’t believe her father or her sister are ever far away.

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“I think what’s good about all our loved ones who are gone is, if we nod – because in my experience, maybe it’s an age thing, I lost my father when I was very young. was small – that is, our loved ones are always with us,” she says.

“It’s not like scary fairies but I believe in energy, and energy you can’t destroy.”

Renegade Nell is now streaming on Disney+.

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