Jessica Lange’s photography will be the subject of an upcoming documentary

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Unique: Jessica Lange’s talents as an actress have been celebrated with two Oscars, three Emmys, a Tony, and many other awards. But it is his gift in a different field of art – photography – that will be explored in the upcoming documentary.

Synergistic has announced production Jessica Lange: Something About LightFilming began this summer in Mexico, New York City and along US Highway 61, the north-south highway that stretches into Minnesota where Lange grew up.

Benjamin Alfonsi is directing and will produce alongside Synergistic’s Ken Siman. According to a release about the project, the documentary will invite viewers on “a deeply personal journey into the world Lange captured with his Leica M6 camera during his more than twenty-year career in photography.” ,something about light will take a nuanced, highly original approach in translating Lang’s photographic oeuvre for the screen.

Courtesy of Jessica Lange

Lang, whose photography has been collected in several books, including 50 photos, highway 61And compoundAll will participate in the documentary, published by Powerhouse Books.

Alfonsi, director of the 2023 documentary, said, “Jessica’s photographic work has a cinematic quality, so it felt natural to take these images within the scope of film.” whitney houston in focus, “I was not so much interested in telling the stories behind the photographs as in taking a deeper look at the subjects they explore, the lives they reveal, and the emotions they compel. There is an emotionally powerful work at the center of the film. The common thread is the photographer herself, whose humanity is reflected in the evocative art she continues to create through her imagination.

Photo by Jessica Lange

Courtesy of Jessica Lange

DOP Svetlana Cvetko, who shot the 2011 Oscar-winning documentary feature inside jobWill work as cinematographer something about light,

“It’s always a dream come true to be part of a visually driven project that has impacted me in a very personal way,” Kvetko said in a statement. “It’s especially important to me that we shine a light on a woman who is not only an iconic acting talent, but also an important artist behind the lens.”

Jessica Lange: Something About Light is being produced by Synergistic in association with Powerhouse Cultural Entertainment, with Powerhouse’s Daniel Power serving as executive producer along with fellow EP Christian Alfonsi, Randy Gregory and David Scott Smith.

Photo by Jessica Lange

Courtesy of Jessica Lange

Power said, “As a photography connoisseur and fan, I can’t wait to see something on screen that brings the electrifying experience of an excellent exhibition or revelatory photo book to life, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this unprecedented effort.” Totally excited for.” ,

According to the Howard Greenberg Gallery, which has displayed Lange’s work, “She began making photographs in the 1990s when her partner of 26 years, the late playwright and actor Sam Shepard, gave her a Coca-Cola camera as a gift. he dedicated his book highway 61 To Shepard.”

Lang’s photographs have been exhibited at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York, and in museums and galleries in Moscow, Barcelona, ​​Spain, and Portugal. He earned the George Eastman House Honors Award in 2009.

Photo by Jessica Lange

Courtesy of Jessica Lange

Lange has said of photography, “It’s a great counterpoint to filmmaking, because it’s such a personal, solitary experience. It’s like writing or painting; This is something you can do yourself. Acting is a co-dependent art form, and the actor is not in control. And filmmaking certainly informs the decision to photograph something. As far as lighting or backgrounds or the presence of people, the way someone is standing, situations that have a dramatic feel are attracted to me.”

In a 2019 interview with Time magazine, Lang commented on the evolution of his approach to photography. “For a long time I tried to photograph in a way that no one would notice me,” he said. “I always felt that as soon as the subject became aware that they were being photographed, a subtle change occurred. But then in recent years, I’ve really been in a position where I’ve had to connect with the subject and the person in front of the camera. It was really a revelation that I found that exchange to be wonderful.

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