Jerrod Carmichael reveals he fell in love with Tyler, the Creator

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Jerrod Carmichael reveals Tyler The Creator He caught feelings for her, but in typical Tyler behavior, he called the comedian a “stupid fucker” and basically “stabbed her in the heart.” Oh!

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Carmichael explores a devastating declaration of love in the premiere episode of his new series, jerod carmichael reality The show, which premiered on Friday, March 29. He started the show by sharing with the comedy audience about falling in love with his best friend and ushering her into 2021 via text.

It happened exactly as you would expect, with Tyler laughing and calling Carmichael a “stupid fuck.” If that wasn’t stressful enough, Carmichael upped the stakes throughout the episode by re-shooting his shot. She invited Tyler to be her date to the Emmys but got the excuse “busy.”

Carmichael eventually runs into a friend who remains anonymous in a black hood throughout filming, but that’s not the weirdest part of the episode. Nor is the series of Grindr hookups that come and wake up a camera crew who is filming. Carmichael invites Tyler to try to have a love affair for the third time on camera, or at least, get some degree of closure.

Check out how Jerrod Carmichael’s conversation with Tyler, The Creator goes and the reactions to the viral moment after the flip!

Jerrod Carmichael talks to Tyler, the Creator about having feelings for her

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It’s nothing new for the Emmy-winner to bare it all on camera after revealing her most vulnerable secret. Rothaniel Comedy special. The theme of authentically confronting inconvenient truths continues throughout jerod carmichael reality show, He talks to Tyler about feeling “distanced” since he admitted his feelings and never discussed it again.

“You laughed and called me ‘Stupid Fuck,’” Carmichael recalled.

Tyler laughed, agreeing that he ignored it before honestly admitting, “Getting news like this and avoiding it is a way of avoiding change.”

The Grammy winner says the news was “a lot to take in” but still didn’t know how to react. He also regrets this awkwardness, which has made it difficult to carry on a conversation like before.

“I didn’t think that postponing it and continuing with the routine would be such a big loss. I don’t know,” Tyler continues. “What would have been the ideal response? I don’t know what answer you want from me.”

Carmichael looks to the ground when Tyler officially replies that he doesn’t feel the same way.

“Not like that. Like he’s a brother. That guy’s like family.” igor The star continues.

To make the tension even more uncomfortable, a woman interrupts their food order arriving. The closeness is evident when sharing Tyler’s bowl. Then it seems that food has become a surrogate for their relationship. When Carmichael was asked about finishing his plate, he offered it to him, but Tyler immediately turned it away again.

“Oh, I didn’t say I wanted that. I know I don’t want any of this. I am very simple, long straight On top of that,” the rapper says, casually looking at his own plate.

“What are you looking for?” Jerrod asks anxiously.

“In life, or on this plate?” Tyler explains.

Instead of clearing the air, Tyler fills it with flatulence. Carmichael silently shakes his head as his unrequited love allows him to attack the cameraman in the next room. The past collaborators remain close friends, but wow, that was hard to watch! The viral moment created secondhand embarrassment on the Internet, with many hoping it was just clever comedy. Either way, there was trouble very real,

Check out the reactions to the crushing conversation below.

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