Jamie Foxx is reportedly ‘back to his old self’ after health concern

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hollywood star jamie fox It is said that his health is improving after being hospitalized due to a mysterious illness last year.

According to a source, the actor is back to his ‘old self’ and has started doing what he loves. Fox is set to return to host “Beat Shazam” with his daughter Corinne Fox.

He recently revealed that he plans to talk about his health scare during a stand-up comedy show, which he has not announced yet.

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Jamie Foxx is ‘back to doing what he loves’ after his health crisis last year.


A source told people magazine The Academy Award-winning actor is “doing incredibly well” as he prepares for his return to the show “Beat Shazam” and other projects.

“He’s very busy and doing what he loves,” the source said. news outletadding, “Jamie left no stone unturned on ‘Beat Shazam’. He was practically back to his old self. Really over it!”

Last year, in April, Fox had to withdraw from several projects while he was hospitalized due to an undisclosed illness.

Although the details of his health battle are shrouded in mystery, the actor revealed at the seventh annual AAFCA Special Achievement Awards that he would share what happened to him during a stand-up comedy show.

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He is leading a ‘clean life’ and enjoying his good health

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According to a second insider, Fox is “very busy, happy and strong” since being released from a rehab facility last year.

“He is now fully functional, leads a clean life and enjoys good health,” the source claimed.

He added, “Jamie is a social person, he loves being around his friends, he’s got to keep himself busy with all sorts of different things. He’s a real entrepreneur with new projects coming up all the time.”

Due to his poor health, Fox had to put several of his projects on hold, including his film “Back in Action” starring Hollywood star Cameron Diaz. Since his recovery, the actor has returned to work on the project.

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The ‘Annie’ star also has other films lined up, including ‘Tin Soldier’ ​​and ‘Not Another Church Movie’. According to the source, Fox, who starred in four films last year, also “has to stay busy” because “she loves it.”

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Jamie Foxx jokes about ‘passing away’

Jamie Foxx 51st NAACP Image Awards

At the recent African American Film Critics Association Awards held at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, Fox was honored with AAFCA’s Producers Award, during which she gave a touching acceptance speech.

During the speech, Fox joked about his serious health crisis and how it has inspired him to appreciate the daily joys in life. He also joked about how he “passed away” while fighting for his life at that time.

Fox said, “Cherish life, man. There are some people in my life who really made sure I was here because this was serious trouble. So I value it, I’m telling you. My daughter thinks That’s why sometimes I’m so grateful, these days. Because I’m so grateful.”

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The actor quipped, “I was drinking the water, ‘Wow, have you tasted this water? It’s so wet! This is the wettest water. Is this what it was like before I passed away?’

Jamie Foxx will address his health concerns during a stand-up special

Mike Tyson says Jamie Foxx may have had a stroke

Since news of her medical emergency made headlines last year, Fox and her family have kept the details of the incident private. However, on Sunday, the “Django Unchained” star said he would talk openly about the experience but in a “funny way” and get back “on the stage.”

At the AAFCA event, Fox said, per Diversity: “Everyone wants to know what happened, and I’m going to tell you what happened. But I have to do it my way. I’m going to do it in a funny way. We’ll be on stage. We’ll be doing stand-up “Kind of getting back to our roots.”

He further said that the stand-up special will be titled “Kya Hua Tha” and it will have all the interesting information that the world is asking for.

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Fox also teased that the stand-up show will address all the wild conspiracy theories and rumors that spread about her following the health crisis, including that a clone had taken her place.

Actor is ‘grateful’ for ‘second chance’ in life

Jamie Foxx publicly seen returning woman's lost purse after recovering from mystery illness

In a post celebrating her NAACP award nod, Fox expressed gratitude for a “second chance” at life after her mysterious health crisis.

“And personally, I’m humbled and grateful to God that I got a second chance to enjoy and appreciate life…,” she shared, tagging her daughter, Corinne Fox, and sister, Deidra Dixon.

During his acceptance speech for his Critic’s Choice Vanguard Award, Fox said that he “can’t really walk” during his health struggles and that he “wouldn’t want that to happen”. [he] went on [his] The worst enemy because it’s hard.”

“I have a new respect for life. I have a new respect for my art. I watched a lot of movies and listened to a lot of songs, trying to pass the time. Don’t give up on your art, man, Don Don’t give up,” he said.

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