Is Josiah Duggar’s Wife Lauren Pregnant With Baby No. 3?

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Is Josiah Duggar’s Wife Lauren Pregnant With Baby No. 3? Hey, has she already given birth?!

With occasional exceptions – ginger’s memoir It’s made her more visible than ever — members of the infamous Duggar family keep a low profile these days.

But Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson have taken the need for privacy to a whole new level.

This rumor has been circulating for years now Josiah and Lauren have secretly welcomed a second child, Now, buzz is that they are the proud parents of 3 children!

Look forward to it!
Josiah Duggar and Lauren Duggar want you to watch Counting On. This is a promo photo of that show. (TLC)

Did Josiah Duggar’s wife Lauren secretly give birth?

In the summer of 2023, rumors were circulating that this baby of the Duggar family was on the rise.

At first those reports seemed somewhat ridiculous.

After all, the Duggars are all about breeding!

Why would one of Jim Bob’s favorite sons welcome a baby and then hide it from fans?

But surprisingly, evidence has emerged that Josiah and Lauren have indeed added new little ones to their family.

It started by convincing fans that they were the parents of two children.

In a video posted by the family shortly after Christmas 2022, fans saw that gifts were delivered from “Grandma and Grandpa” (Jim Bob and Michelle) to someone named Daisy, who is Josiah and Lauren’s youngest daughter. Is considered a daughter.

Of course, we don’t know for sure, as there is still no official announcement from Josiah and Lauren.

But then, fans were convinced that the couple welcomed their soon third Child

josiah and lauren duggar photojosiah and lauren duggar photo
Josiah and Lauren Duggar on a recent episode of Counting On. (TLC)

Josiah Duggar and wife Lauren welcome third child while still keeping their second a secret?!

Follow us down the rabbit hole, will you?!

Last spring, after some searching by fans, it was rumored that the Duggar couple welcomed their latest bundle of joy (allegedly) on May 3!

As is often the case with questionable Duggar news, this latest update comes to us from Reddit, where users discovered the Amazon baby registry for Josiah and Lauren.

Now, the registry appears to be real — but it’s worth noting that anyone can create one and put Lauren and Josiah’s name and address on there.

But as several online spies have pointed out, there’s a very good chance that this registry is the real deal.

“The address goes to Josiah in Rogers. Hmm. I’ve also seen some other fakes where the shipping address goes to someone with a non-Duggar name in another state,” one observer wrote on Reddit.

Others pointed out that it would be illogical for Josiah and Lauren to go to so much to keep their family status a secret, only to create a registry on Amazon where anyone could see it.

“People used to create fake registries for Duggars all the time. Will they have a registry for the third child as well?” one theorist asked.

Video of Lauren looking pregnant with Josiah Duggar’s third child

But the biggest clue that Lauren welcomed another little one into the Duggar family came from her sister-in-law, even if unknowingly.

Lauren was seen in a youtube vlog Shared by sister-in-law Ginger Vuolo in summer 2023. Posted on July 4, the video footage was captured during Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo’s trip to Arkansas in March.

In the clip, a very pregnant-looking Lauren goes shopping with the Duggar ladies for girls’ day at the family’s favorite jewelry store. In fact, for someone who likes to hide her latest pregnancies, she does a poor job of hiding Josiah’s third child in the video.

Her baby bump is on full display in a white sweater and loose-fitting pants while shopping, and then in a tight blue dress while enjoying an afternoon at Joy-Anna Duggar’s home with Austin.

It’s a story that may not offer much in the way of closure, as even though Lauren welcomed a baby in May, she and Josiah have continued to keep it a secret.

But we’ll keep monitoring the situation and let you know if these two ultimately decide to address the rumors!

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