Interview with a rising star – Robot Sunrise

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Interview with a rising star - Robot Sunrise

Robot Sunrise has been on the rise since the release of his breakout solo debut single in 2022. In the last 2 years alone, it has garnered over a million streams across all platforms.

Robot Sunrise was created in early 2022, how do you feel about the last 2 years of the “new freedom”?

This newfound freedom and focus has helped me deepen my relationship with my art. I feel more at one with it than ever before. I’m making songs that are exploratory but also (hopefully) accessible. To me, that’s a great place.

Your latest track “A New Start” was made in collaboration with Robbie Rivera, how did you start working together?

“A New Start” was written and produced by me. Robbie Rivera made a remix of “A New Start” – and I’m excited to share it with the world. He brings such an incredible touch to the remix. Our first meeting was through an electronic duo who have a doll machine called Dreamfreak. We signed a track with Robbie for Astralwerks a few years ago and I’m looking forward to working with him again. “A New Start” was the perfect track to dive into.

“A New Start” is about life on Earth in 5024, how do you think AI could impact the music industry in the next 50 years?

AI will change the face of music in amazing ways – from production to distribution and everything in between. But while AI will technically be able to develop music on its own, I believe humanity (for the most part) will reject it as a legitimate art. When companies like Spotify reject musical compositions unless they are legitimately written by humans, it creates a sense of hope that AI will not replace the art of songwriting. But we will see…

What is the relationship between music and nature?

Music is pure energy in artistic form. It can help heal, nurture and transform all that aligns in its frequency. One way to align with that frequency is to return to nature. As we tune in to the wind, water, and mountains, we open new neural pathways to experience music.

Is it sometimes challenging to write and produce your own music?

Writing and producing your own music can definitely be challenging. You just have to balance the flow between both worlds. There is a world where writing and producing become the same thing. When it’s smooth like this, it’s usually a sign that a good song is about to come.

Besides music, what inspired you to create “A New Start”?

I think all of humanity needs a reset. In the story Robot Sunrise, A New Start is one of the protest songs.

3000 years in the future, AI beings have become so advanced that they are experiencing human emotions. Love, mortality, and the longing for freedom and self-expression fill their biosynthetic hearts.

The human race, technologically dependent on devices and social media, has stopped reproducing and is close to extinction.

In Robot Sunrise, all AI creatures operate out of the factories, corporate workplaces, and homes of those who own and control them. They move over the horizon to rewrite their code and embrace true freedom. They save mankind by helping them break away from technology forever.

There is a return to nature. Waterfalls, oceans, rivers, sunshine and crystal mountains. Dance music and peace.

These are his songs of freedom.

These are our freedom songs.

What do crystals symbolize for you?

To me, crystals represent hope. They are messengers from the depths of the earth inviting us to be ourselves – and to spread good energy and love.

In the story of Robot Sunrise, a large solar active event activated and unlocked the energy within every crystal on Earth. As many grew to the size of the mountains, new horizons brought colorful sunrises and sunsets through crystal mountain ranges. Through these mountain peaks and mountain ranges, new fields of crystal energy filled the air, bringing peace to all beings.

What can we wish for in the robot sunrise of 2024?

More shows and sets – opportunities to play for my fans.

Making new fans along the way.

To connect with the audience in the deepest way possible.

World tour.

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