IDF attack “deliberately” targeted World Central Kitchen team

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IDF attack "deliberately" targeted World Central Kitchen team

A day after President Joe Biden said he was “angry and saddened” over the Israel Defense Forces attack that killed seven members of the World Central Kitchen team delivering food in Gaza, WCK founder Jose Andres “What I do know is that we were targeted deliberately, relentlessly until everyone in this convoy was dead,” he told Reuters in an emotional interview.

Israel expressed “extreme sorrow” over the deaths and the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the attack on aid workers was not deliberate.

Asked if he believed that official explanation, the celebrity chef replied, “Initially, I would say obviously no,” reiterating that while WCK informed the IDF about his movements, it Was in an area controlled by the IDF and the convoy was clearly marked. The organization’s logo is also installed on the roofs of some vehicles.

“It wasn’t just an unfortunate situation where ‘oops’ we dropped a bomb in the wrong place,” Andres told Reuters.

“It was over 1.5, 1.8 kilometers long, with a very defined human convoy, with signs at the top, on the roof, with a very colorful logo,” he said. It was “very clear who we are and what we do.”

Andres said he wants an independent investigation by the US government and the government into each aid worker killed. The workers were American, Australian, Canadian, Polish, British and Palestinian.

Executive Co-Chairman of World Central Kitchen and its CEO is called Israel must “immediately preserve all documents, communications, video and/or audio recordings and any other materials potentially relevant” relating to the April 1 attacks to ensure an independent investigation.

Biden is scheduled to talk to Netanyahu on Thursday. Yesterday the US President said the investigation into Israel “must be swift, it must be accountable, and its findings must be made public.”

Watch an excerpt from Andres’ interview below.

Earlier today, The New York Times published an opinion article Written by Andres, it reads in part, “We welcome the government’s promise to investigate how and why members of our World Central Kitchen family were murdered. This investigation should start not only from the bottom but from the top.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said of the Israeli killings of our team, ‘This is what happens in war.’ This was a direct attack on clearly marked vehicles whose activities were known to the Israel Defense Forces.

“Feeding strangers is not a sign of weakness; It is a symbol of strength. The people of Israel need to remember in these darkest times what strength really looks like.

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