How to deck out your poncho for the Eras Tour ahead of Sydney’s wild weather predictions

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t aylor swift ready to kick it sydney eras tour show on friday night with a wild weather forecast,

despite cruel Summer Due to the weather warnings on Friday and Saturday, Swift’s open love for rainy shows makes it unlikely that the superstar will cancel her shows unless told to.

In anticipation of heavy rain, Swifties will likely wear one piece of clothing to stay dry throughout the show. And thus enters the poncho.

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Taylor Swift performs at ANZ Stadium in the rain in Sydney, Australia in 2018 (Getty)

While fans in the US were able to purchase the Era’s Tour merch poncho from Taylor Swift’s official website, there’s no reason why Australian fans can’t make their own DIY this weekend.

If you haven’t seen the flood of concert videos and photos circulating on social media feeds yet, the Eraz Tour is a sea of ​​sequins and dazzling fan outfits.

You’ve already made friendship bracelets, so why not turn those craftsmanship into another concert accessory?

Here’s how Aussie Swifties can turn their rainproof fits into bejeweled fashion so they can still dance up a storm, fearlessly in their best* poncho.

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Swifties may have to rock some ponchos for Eras Tour Sydney. (Getty)

super glue on decorations

If you are selecting the classic plastic poncho for concerts and considering applying decorations using heat, keep in mind that the fabric is PLA material.

Although you can try hot glue methods, the general consensus is that cyanoacrylate glue aka super glue is the most effective for bonding with PLA.

Super glue anything from ribbon to gems. (Getty)

You can buy a tube of super glue from spotlight craft stores or even supermarkets. like cole’s For as low as $2.70 for 3ml of Selly’s Fix ‘N’ Go Supa Glue.

As far as how you can apply super glue to your poncho, the sky is definitely the limit.

Fans can try supergluing anything from fabric ribbons to gems – whatever matches their ‘era’ aesthetic for the concert.

For example, Spotlight has one for $2 pack of 100 gems To glam up your plain plastic poncho to emulate Swift’s jeweled look in the Bejeweled music video.

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taylor swift's jewel music video
Fans can recreate this Jaystone look from Swift’s Bejeweled music video on their own poncho. (Republic/Youtube)

If you buy small rhinestones you can also wear a pair of gumboots for added sparkle. Musicians from the Eraz Tour have shared their tips and trips to do the same with regular boots on TikTok and other social media.

adhesive ornaments and stickers

If you don’t want to buy some super glue or a hot glue gun, another way to jazz up your poncho or wet weather gear is to buy stick-on ornaments.

You can also use stickers. (Getty)

Adhesive rhinestones can be purchased in a variety of sizes, shapes and multi-colored packs to add a little individuality to your Erez Tour raincoat design.

Self-adhesive ornaments are available in stores like Kmart for $5.00 a pack. 402 stickers,

Additionally, it is not necessary to use shiny decorations to decorate your raingear for the Eraz Tour. You can buy regular stickers from a craft store or supermarket.

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sew on beads

For those who are really into the crafty DIY era, another option is to try some embroidery and sew some beads onto your poncho.

Packs of beads can be purchased at craft stores like Spotlight in packets of mixed colors, styles, and sizes for some variety.

Alternatively, sew on the beads. (Getty)

Alternatively, if you’ve already made friendship bracelets and have some beads left over in your kit, double them up and use them to decorate your rainwear.

Compared to embroidering on fabric like cotton or polyester, take care with the PLA material when using a sewing needle to ensure you don’t accidentally tear the plastic.

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