How scammers use celebrities to scam people

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How scammers use celebrities to scam people

Many scammers who use famous people to deceive online users know how effective this can be. For obvious reasons, fans of celebs love, respect, worship and cherish them. These fans are ready to go to any extent to see, talk to or take selfies with their favourites.

People who are not so crazy about superstars at least respect them and take what they say very seriously. Based on this trust, many brands prefer to use big names, mostly in the entertainment industry, as their ambassadors because they know that people trust celebrities easily.

Therefore, fraudsters have used this method to cheat people. We’ll show you 5 ways they do this so you don’t fall victim to their tricks.

5 ways scammers use celebrities to scam people

Scammers use celebrities in many ways to defraud people. However, we will share the 5 most common of them.

1. False endorsement of a brand

As said earlier, people give a lot of respect to superstars and because of this it is easy for people to trust them. If you want to market a product or service quickly, use a popular person as the face of that product or service.

Many brands have seen how effective it is; So, even when a celebrity doesn’t know anything about the product or service, people still use their name or face to market the product. They do this by placing the star’s photo on a billboard or displaying a video of the celebrity using the product on social media.

For example, Megafon, a Russian company, used Bruce Willis in its advertising without his approval. Something similar happened when Paperspace company used the voices of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise in the promotion of its product.

2. Fake social media account

The best place to use impostor superstars to deceive people is social media because it’s over 4.95 billion users By October 2023.

When fans see a social media account featuring the name and picture of their favorite A-lister, they easily become filled with excitement. There are many reasons why a fraudster would do this, but one of the most likely reasons is to increase their following on social media.

Cristiano Ronaldo alone has around 620 million Instagram followers, along with many big names like Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Therefore, people who want to increase their following on social media create accounts with the names and faces of such people so that their fans can follow them. You might be thinking, “But who will buy it?” Some people do.

3. Emotional manipulation

Emotional manipulation is one of the most common tactics used by con artists to deceive people and female fans are mostly its victims.

Emotional manipulation is carried out on social media platforms, and there is no platform that these scammers do not use. They start by creating an account. This time, it is not to increase their followers but to get people whose emotions they can play with. The whole reason for this is to get money from them.

You will see many pictures of celebrities on the fake account, which will make you think that the account is legitimate. The fake celebrity may follow you or even DM you, which will add to the excitement.

The easiest way to avoid falling for this trick is to ask the person behind the account for their phone number or email address and then do a reverse search on it. newber,

4. Fake gift

It’s common for celebrities to give away giveaways to their fans or social media followers, but when a fake celebrity is involved, there are never any real prizes.

There are several reasons why scammers use this method. Three common things could be growing social media accounts, promoting a particular brand, or tricking people. In their usual way, they have an account with a celebrity’s name and DP, and then they create a manipulative video or article that promises money, a product, or a service for the person who creates the account. Will follow or buy a particular product.

They may also show you videos or photos of people who have received these gifts, but all those people are either fake or part of the scheme. Some of them send money for the product which is endorsed by their favorite celebrity but they never receive their money or product.

5. Investment Scams

Many scammers have used the names and faces of popular people to legitimize fake investment opportunities and duped people of huge amounts of money.

A good example was when Fraudsters used the names Deborah Meaden and Martin Lewis For promoting a fraudulent cryptocurrency investment platform. The fraudsters defrauded people of thousands of dollars before they were discovered.

They simply created an advertisement on social media and websites with a link that took people to a full article detailing investment opportunities with the faces and purported testimonials of these popular people, but in the end, not everything was true. Turns out, both of the celebrities involved had no knowledge of the alleged investment.

final thoughts

Scams using celebrities are a very inventive way of duping people.

That’s why it’s important to double-check when a celebrity is involved in an investment deal, social media account or endorsement, as false endorsements of brands, fake social media accounts and investment scams are some of the common ways fraudsters commit fraud. Use to deceive people. The other two are emotional manipulation and fake gifts.

The main reason why celebrities are chosen for this bad work is that people easily trust and respect them. Therefore, be cautious when dealing with famous people.

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