Hope Hicks expected to testify in Donald Trump’s upcoming criminal trial

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Hope Hicks expected to testify in Donald Trump's upcoming criminal trial

Donald Trump’s former close aide Hope Hicks is expected to testify in the former president’s upcoming New York criminal trial regarding hush money payments to former porn actress Stormy Daniels.

NBC News, citing an unnamed source, reported earlier today that Hicks was expected to be a witness for the prosecution. ABC News also reported that Hicks was expected to take the stand.

His attorney, Robert Trout, declined to comment. Manhattan District Attorney spokesman Alvin Bragg did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hicks was a spokeswoman for the Trump Organization in 2015, when, at the beginning of Trump’s bid for the presidency, she served as his campaign press secretary. He later served as communications director at the White House, then left to join Fox Corp. as chief communications officer, before returning to the administration as an advisor to the President.

Last year, Hicks met with prosecutors before filing charges against Trump. He has pleaded not guilty to charges related to falsifying business records in connection with payments made to Daniels before the 2016 election. Another key witness in the case is expected to be Trump’s former lawyer and so-called “fixer” Michael Cohen. Hicks’ attorney has previously denied that she was involved in negotiations about the payment.

Trump’s trial is scheduled to begin on April 15.

Prosecutors in the case have also asked the judge in the case, Juan Merchan, to clarify the scope of his sanctions order on Trump. Last week, Marchan issued a restraining order that prohibits Trump from saying anything about prosecutors other than Bragg, as well as court employees and their family members. Trump continues to attack Merchan’s daughter.

“This issue is not complicated. Family members of trial participants should be strictly off limits, prosecutors wrote. “The defendant’s insistence on the contrary reflects his dangerous sense of entitlement to instill fear and even cause physical harm to the loved ones of those he sees in the courtroom. This Court should immediately clarify that the defendant is prohibited from making public statements or giving instructions to others regarding the Court’s family members, the District Attorney and all other persons mentioned in the order.

Trump has attacked Merchan’s daughter, Lorraine, a Democratic political consultant, in an effort to make the case that the judge is biased against her. Trump called her an “intense Trump hater” and also posted a news story with her photos on his social media platform, Truth Social. Trump has pointed to her

Trump’s lawyers wrote in response, “President Trump’s campaign’s advocacy on issues bearing on his candidacy, as well as the presence of impropriety associated with these proceedings, warrants a recall, again a waiver of the First and Sixth Amendments.” There is no basis for violation by doing so.” gag order.”

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