Hoda Kotb Says She’s Texting Kelly Rowland, Expects to Do It Again After ‘TODAY’ Set Drama (Exclusive)

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Hoda Kotb Says She's Texting Kelly Rowland, Expects to Do It Again After 'TODAY' Set Drama (Exclusive)

Hoda Kotb is the first to admit that Today The show’s dressing rooms are “small”. “They’re a work in progress,” she says, and probably need a facelift (like the wallpaper!). That being said, she is expecting Kelly Rowland will come back and host the fourth hour Today These followed reports that the singer walked off the set — and Kotb says the wheels are in motion.

ET’s Rachel Smith spoke with Kotb on Wednesday jenna bush hager But Savannah GuthrieFor the book launch party of What does God do most? in New York City, and Today The co-hosts had a lot to say after reports surfaced last week that the Destiny’s Child singer walked off the set as a guest host because she was reportedly unhappy with the dressing room given to her by the show.

Hager said of the dressing rooms, “We decided we’d re-wallpaper them, because I love interior design, so I took it over.” the greatest.”

Hager clearly knows firsthand.

“You should come inside me,” he joked.

After chiding Hager that her dressing room is practically “a closet”, Kotb admitted that no dressing room “is that good.”

“But it’s kind of a charm Today show,” Kotb continued. “If you’ve ever been backstage [on] Broadway and moved into one of those dressing rooms, you’d be in these little rooms for months and months. it’s something like this Today Like the show. You walk around and it’s a beautiful place, but there are little places there.”

After Rowland reportedly walked off the set, Rita prays – who was also a guest on the show on Thursday – was chosen as a last-minute fill-in. At Guthrie’s book launch party, Kotb was asked if he was disappointed in not being able to host a fourth hour with Rowland.

“I was disappointed. I love Kelly. We love Kelly,” she said. “She’s one of our all-time favorites, and there’s no one more kind or gracious than Kelly… We were texting back and forth and I called her. I said, ‘Come on, girl. We’re waiting for you. We have been. We will do it again. So, hopefully we’ll do that again.”

Hager joked that the wallpapering might not happen if Rowland decides to come back to host, but Hager is adamant that “we need to do this again.”

Following reports that Rowland walked off the set, the singer’s representative, Yvette Noël-Schure, told ET“After 28 years of knowing her, Kelly Rowland is one of the kindest, friendliest human beings I have ever met and had the blessing of representing.”

Rowland has not yet addressed the play directly.

In any event, Today The girls were happy and proud to support Guthrie’s book launch.

“I feel like we’re accomplishing something, too,” Hager said. “Today when you see your friends succeed it feels like a collective celebration. You feel good. We’re like proud moms. You know that feeling, like you look at our girl, ‘She’s this Still working.’ I think it’s really great what he did. It’s something that’s 100 percent his, and we’ve known that for years and years.”

Kotb added, “It feels good to say, ‘Oh wow, now everyone is in on this mystery.’

Guthrie’s book is a collection of essays in which she explores the place of faith in everyday life.

What does God do most? It’s out now.

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