Hannah Waddingham criticizes photographer for asking ‘show me your legs’

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Hannah Waddingham criticizes photographer for asking 'show me your legs'

Hannah Waddingham Not afraid to face demanding photographers on the red carpet. Laurence poses before walking the red carpet at the Olivier Awards on Sunday night ted lasso The star – who served as host of the annual awards show for the second year in a row – had choice words for a paparazzo who reportedly demanded she “show me your legs”.

Captured on a video and Shared by X (formerly Twitter) user @odeiotedlassoWaddingham, 49, is shown being photographed outside the Royal Albert Hall when she pauses to address the photographer, who remains offscreen. Although the photographer’s comment is inaudible, Waddingham’s reaction is clear.

“Oh my God, you would never say that to a man, my friend,” the actress says, clearly shocked.

“Don’t be an a**k, or I’ll leave. Don’t say, ‘Show me your feet.’ No,” she adds, walking forward to the cheers of the watching crowd.

Waddingham never had trouble standing up for himself. In January, the Emmy-winning actress opened up about Her Experience with a Particularly Unsupportive Professor while chatting with BBC Radio 2 Podcast Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers,

According to Waddingham, she was once mocked and insulted in front of her class by a drama teacher, who reflected on why she felt the young aspiring actress would never succeed on screen.

Waddingham recalled, “I had a drama teacher who said to the whole class: ‘Oh, Hannah will never work on screen because it looks like she’s had a stroke on one side of her face.’

In response, Waddingham decided that he would succeed – and despite that professor – at any cost.

Hannah Waddingham at The Olivier Awards 2024 on April 14 – Karwai Tang/WireImage

Waddingham shared, “I thought, ‘I will, no matter how difficult or difficult, I will do it on the screen.’ With patience and determination, she began to work hard and receive numerous screen credits – though often in small side roles and one-off appearances.

However, teacher comments gave her a “complex”, which she said took years to overcome, and the lack of larger, leading roles began to wear her down emotionally. He said he ultimately decided to step back from film and TV altogether – as soon as he got the offer for His now-iconic role continues game of Thrones,

Waddingham then got her biggest role to date, starring as Rebecca Welton in all three seasons. ted lassoWho she finally got an emmy For Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

And Waddingham is always looking for her next role. Actress customs et he ted lasso‘S Final season premiere In March 2023 she would love to appear on ABC’s beloved school comedy, Abbott Elementary –and he’s got a series star Lisa Ann Walter Firmly in his corner.

She said of her Cameo vision, “I thought I could be the perfect rebellious English person.” “I really want to be mean, Or Be really good at face value, and then they all say, ‘That’s stupid!’”

Waddingham admitted, “If I actually survived being in the staff room, I’d be like fangirling.” “More than I do [Ted Lasso],

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