‘Grey’s Anatomy’ renewed for historic 21st season

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'Grey's Anatomy' renewed for historic 21st season

gray’s anatomy The doctor will see you now… and again next season!

On Tuesday, ABC announced that the hit medical drama has been renewed for season 21, just three episodes into the show’s unprecedented 20th season. The series – often credited with launching the careers of A-list actors such as Ellen Pompeo, patrick dempsey And Katherine Heigl – A full 20 years after its premiere in March 2005, its 21st season is projected to air in autumn 2024 and conclude in spring 2025.

“Push one of the epi’s! 😉 #Grey’sAnatomy will be back for another season on ABC! Stream on Hulu,” The long-running series’ official Instagram account posted Tuesday afternoon.

The series creator said in a statement to ET shonda rimes Thank you gray’s anatomy Fans stated for their continued support that it is only because of them that the cast and crew will get the chance to return to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital for another season.

Promo Photos from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 1 – ABC via Getty Images

“The loyalty and love of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans has propelled us to a historic 21st season and I couldn’t be more grateful,” Rhimes said.

To date, the show is the longest-running primetime medical drama in television history – a feat it achieved in 2019 – and is consistently considered the most socially scripted series on broadcast TV. Rhimes, who has also produced a list of other shows for ABC, including how to avoid murder And Scandalsaid that she is just as excited as the fans to see what the writers bring to the table for the newly announced season.

The Shondaland producer wrote, “Meg Marinis’s storytelling is a gift that keeps the show vibrant, compelling, and lively, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for next season.”

Shonda Rhimes with the cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – getty images

Just last week, Rhimes — who served as showrunner on the series until 2015 — took to her social media page to share how powerful and influential the show has been to this day. One of his own daughters had just started watching of gray,

“My not-so-little human started watching @greysabc for the first time yesterday. My mind is breaking. 🤯 I’m mortified. But so happy she’s seeing the women her mom has created,” Rhimes wrote. . #GraysAnatomy.”

in February, ET reported The show’s creators and writers cast several new and returning actors to celebrate the show’s 20th season, including fan favorite Dr. Arizona Robbins, played by Jessica Capshaw. The 47-year-old actress left the show at the end of season 14, but announced in March that she would eventually return to the small screen as a pediatric and OBGYN surgeon. come on 4th april,

one in Recently released logline As for the upcoming episode, ABC says it’s a “particularly complex case” that brings Capshaw’s character back to Gray Sloan for a visit to her old stomping grounds. Preview photos of the episode show Dr. Robbins interacting with Chandra WilsonDr. Miranda Bailey – one of the only original characters still on the show – as well as Dr. Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) And this new crop of trainees,

Chandra Wilson and Jessica Capshaw in a scene from Season 21 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – Disney/Anne Marie Fox

gray’s anatomy Thursdays at 9pm and airs the following day on Hulu. All 20 seasons are also streaming on the Disney-owned platform for the first time.

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