Google’s AI-powered search tool can help you tackle your holiday shopping

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Google is expanding the Search Generative Experience (SGE) for holiday shopping. The company announced Thursday that its AI-powered search bot can now uncover gift ideas, photorealistic images of product variants and virtual try-ons of men’s tops.

Google SGE launched in May, offering AI-powered answers and suggestions to supplement the search engine’s standard web results. The company has since added follow-up queries, better translations, and interactive definitions in more complex topics. The tool requires Chrome on desktop or the Google mobile app on smartphones.


The search giant says 20 percent of apparel searches are five words or longer, showing that people often search for something specific when seeking information about fashion products. Now, Google SGE can generate “photorealistic images” of the object you draw. You can then make changes to the image with follow-up prompts, before SGE uses the generated output as a basis for searching for the actual products it thinks are closest to.

“Let’s say you wanted a new winter coat — a colorful, patterned puffer jacket — and you didn’t find what you were looking for,” Julie Black, Google’s shopping product director, wrote in an announcement blog post. “With Generative AI in Search, simply look for that style and tap the ‘Generate Image’ button to see photorealistic, generated images that match your vision. From there, you can refine the images in real time – so if you prefer a colored metal jacket instead of a patterned one, just enter that refinement in the text box. You will then see a new set of photorealistic images. Once you find a product you like, simply scroll down to view similar shoppable products.

The image on a phone displays a generic AI search for gift ideas in the Google app.  search query says

Google also wants SGE to help you create the perfect gift. If you search “great gifts for home cooks” on any compatible device/browser combo, it may generate ideas organized into subcategories like specialty tools, artisanal ingredients, culinary subscriptions, and cooking classes. Google says you can make the query ultra-specific, using examples like gifts for home cooks who love pasta or gift ideas for a seven-year-old who wants to be an inventor.

Google SGE couple In June it piloted a virtual clothing trial for women’s tops, which the company says has led to “significantly more high-quality interactions with shoppers.” Virtual try-ons for men’s tops are coming today. If you search for women’s or men’s tops from a supported brand, you’ll see 40 virtual models representing different shapes, sizes, heights, and skin tones. You can choose the product that looks closest to you or the person you’re shopping for to get an AI-powered view of how the product might look on them. Labels supported at launch include Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, JCrew, and Under Armour.

If you haven’t already enrolled, you’ll need to activate SGE for your account before you can try it. to visit Find Labs Page Or activate SGE in the Google app by tapping the beaker icon in the top left.

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