Gisele laughs at Candiace’s tears

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RHOP Reunion--Gizelle, Candiace, Mia

In a moment that is dividing the onlookers, A Real Housewives of Potomac A fellow housemate laughed and made fun of her while she was in tears.

After ignoring each other for months, Candiace Dillard Bassett and Gizelle Bryant finally chatted at the #RHOP reunion and Gizelle’s excessive blabbering caused a stir.

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On Sunday, viewers saw the first part of a meeting with Andy Cohen, who was hopeful that the cast would eventually reform.

Cohen later said that he was “disappointed” to see the season end, adding, “I want to set an intention for us today that each of you as a group can find a way to forgive and move forward.” “Is anyone willing to say now that you are willing to do this?”

“I’m eager to achieve what I want and move forward,” Candiace said, with many other women including Gizelle Bryant agreeing.

“I’m looking forward to ownership,” the #RHOP vet said.

However this “ownership” was not easy as the two former friends had differences of opinion during the reunion.

Gizelle Bryant laughed at Candiace’s tears at the Season 8 #RHOP reunion

When asked by Candiace if she still believes that Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby conspired to keep Robyn’s cheating allegations about her husband Juan off the show, they took aim at her husband Chris Bassett Made it, said Candiace;

“Yes I do. I think he [Robyn] I knew that talking about my business would overshadow his business.”

In case you missed it, Candiace is adamant that Gizelle completely fabricated the story after Chris Bassett asked to talk alone in a hotel room in 2021 that she was “uncomfortable” . He also compared it to Gisele being accused of sexual harassment.

During the reunion, Andy asked Candiace what she and Gizelle’s best friend Robyn needed to do to make amends.

Giselle was heard yelling “F*** you!” An emotional Candiace said before saying, “…I don’t have any tissues.” As she laughed.

RHOP reunion

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“No tears, tears, tears, tears, tears! They must be having fake tears!” Giselle said laughing.

Before Candiace called her former friend a “mean girl” and a “f****gb****,” Andy jumped in to tell her she was “a little mean.”

Eventually Candiace said she just wanted “admission” from Robin that she hurt her and hurt her husband, but Robin said she wasn’t interested in that.

“She clearly thinks that I have conspired against her husband. “I would suggest not being my friend if you really feel that way,” Robin said.

However, that’s not all, at one point it seemed like Candiace and Gizelle made amends over Gizelle’s claims about Chris Bassett.

Hit the flip for that.

Gizelle and Candiace talk about death threats and Chris Bassett’s allegations during #RHOP reunion

Elsewhere at the reunion conference, Gizelle was asked about Candiace accusing her of making death threats against her and her family.

“I was told she would be talked to,” Gizelle said, while Candiace wondered why it was her fault.

RHOP reunion

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According to Gizelle, people who agreed with Candiace accused her of being a charlatan and said they were coming to “kill her and her kids.”

Regarding things Candiace had said about herself in the past, including that she was a “little man” who should be fired, Candiace took accountability for her words, but said that all housewives have received threats. .

“To link my issues with him to death threats is dangerous and extremely inappropriate,” Candiace said.

After admitting to liking some fans’ tweets about Gizelle, Candiace explained how Gizelle and Robyn discussed her husband’s cheating allegations. appropriately shaded podcast.

“The woman is a liar,” Andy said of Chris’ alleged mistress, while several housewives agreed, including Karen who said they were “above” the convo.

They then began to delve into Gizelle’s “inconvenient” allegations against Chris Bassett and things became tense.

Candiace came to believe that Gizelle accused her husband of sexually assaulting her “multiple times” and accused him of using wordplay to downplay it.

Gisele responded, “I didn’t say lured me, forced me, I said asked me.” “What I have said is that the man asked me to go into a room and it made me uncomfortable. I’m not apologizing for things I never said.”

Karen and Andy reported that Giselle had previously said that the private chef forced her to go into the hotel room with him and lock the door.

“If I said I did, no,” Giselle corrected herself. “He asked me—he didn’t make me, he asked me.”

When asked if she could accept it, Candiace said “sure” and apologized for using some harsh words towards Gizelle.

Hit the flip to see what #RHOP viewers thought of Gizelle Vs. Candiace during the first part of the #RHOP reunion.

#RHOP viewers are in awe of Giselle’s laughter

While watching last night’s reunion, many people criticized Gizelle for being “nasty” by laughing instead of “reading” or sending shade to Candiace in typical Housewives style.

However, others are applauding the housewife for “finally stepping up” to Candiace, who destroyed her “dwindling uterus” last season.

#RHOP viewers are obsessing over Candiace and Gizelle’s Chris Bassett moment

Other users also had a lot to say about Candiace and Gizelle butting heads over Chris Bassett’s allegations. Many people think that there is no hope of reconciliation between the two based on what they saw.

What did you think of the first part of the #RHOP reunion?

RHOP Season 8 Reunion

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