Gillian Anderson’s Kids Are All Grown Up: Meet Her 3 Kids

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Fans want to hear more about Gillian Anderson and her kids.

From x files To Crown To sex education for netflix Scoop And beyond that, Gillian Anderson is an international icon.

It’s no secret that she is a mother. Family wise, she welcomed her first child while acting x files, Display hid my pregnancy Using baggy clothes, camera angles and an alien abduction story.

But who are Gillian’s children?

Gillian Anderson in late March 2024.
Gillian Anderson attends the world premiere of “Scoop” at The Curzon Mayfair on March 27, 2024. (Photo credit: Kate Green/Getty Images)

You Know Gillian Anderson as an Actor, Activist, and Mom

Born in Chicago on August 9, 1968, Gillian Anderson spent most of her childhood in London before her family returned to the United States for adolescence and ongoing education.

On January 1, 1994, she married her first husband, Clyde Klotz. He was the assistant art director x files,

The couple got divorced in 1997. But not before welcoming first child Piper Maru Klotz on September 25, 1994. Gillian Anderson later Admitted to Savannah Guthrie For Today She felt “guilty” for getting pregnant so early in the show, which is why she returned to film just 10 days after having a C-section.

Gillian Anderson and daughter Piper Maru Klotz in 2015.Gillian Anderson and daughter Piper Maru Klotz in 2015.
Gillian Anderson and her daughter Piper Maru Klotz pose for photographers on the red carpet while arriving for the Laurence Olivier Awards for Theater at the Royal Opera House in central London on April 12, 2015. (Photo credit: Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images)

In 2006, following the end of her marriage to documentary producer Julian Ozanne, Gillian Anderson began dating Mark Griffiths.

She and her (now former) business partner maintained their relationship until 2012.

During their time together, they had two sons: Oscar Griffith in 2006 and then Felix Griffith in 2008.

Gillian Anderson for Netflix in January 2024.Gillian Anderson for Netflix in January 2024.
Gillian Anderson attends Netflix’s 2024 Golden Globes After Party at Spago on January 07, 2024. (Photo credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

How is Gillian Anderson with her children?

talking to many times, Gillian Anderson reflects To find out what impact her sex education role has had on her.

“I find myself saying something embarrassing at the dinner table and I don’t know if it’s me or not [Sex Education character Jean Milburn] It gives me license to say that,” he joked.

The beloved actress commented, “Maybe I’ve always been like this, though.” “Whatever she shares is a lot of information. “I wouldn’t even share it with the oldest woman in my twenties.” He also admitted that he has more limits with his younger sons.

Gillian Anderson and daughter Piper Maru Klotz in November 2017.Gillian Anderson and daughter Piper Maru Klotz in November 2017.
Gillian Anderson and her daughter Piper Maru Klotz attend the world premiere of Season 2 of Netflix’s “The Crown” at the Odeon Leicester Square on November 21, 2017. (Photo credit: John Phillips/Getty Images)

In a 2015 interview Wire, Gillian Anderson addressed He has a close relationship with all three of his children.

“I am very lucky to have such a good job. I’ve got a great life, I have a great relationship with my kids, and there’s nothing missing,” he confirmed at the time.

One can imagine that this bond has become even deeper as their children have grown and matured.

Who does Gillian Anderson play in ‘Scoop’

In 2020, Gillian appeared as Margaret Thatcher in Season 4 of Notorious Crown, Now, she is once again playing a biographical role that is linked to the British royal family.

on netflix Scoop, Gillian Anderson plays Emily Maitlis. She is an interviewing journalist disgraced royal impostor prince andrew For BBC in 2019 newsnight Program.

The Scoop is a 2024 Netflix film adapted from the former newsnight Editor Sam McAllister’s book, Scoops: behind the scenes of the BBC’s most shocking interviews,

The crucial interview was a disaster for the British royal family. Despite centuries of influence and a distorted relationship with British newspapers that allowed the family to unduly influence public perception, it was a debacle. For the royal family – not for the people of the world, or for truth itself.

The scoop focuses on the delicate negotiations with Buckingham Palace that Maitlis and others used to get Andrew to sit down and ask questions on camera.

Gillian Anderson was the natural choice for the role. He is talented, versatile and captivating in everything he does.

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