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Have you ever wanted to book an appointment with someone? mental medium But weren’t you quite sure what you could experience?

I recently had a session travis holp, an established and well-respected medium, spiritual guide and motivational speaker who attracts a lot of attention because of his passion and genuine desire to help transform lives. I went into the experience with an open mind and hope and left feeling satisfied and grateful for the experience.

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Travis Holup Didn’t Always Realize He Had a Special Gift

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Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Help He discovered that he could connect with spirit at an early age. But what he didn’t realize was that this was a special gift that not everyone had.

“I have known about this connection since I was a child but the thing is, when I was growing up, I didn’t realize that it was something that not everyone could do. My parents inspired me to be super imaginative and create imaginary friends. It wasn’t until later in life that I found a way to read tarot and connect with spirit, I realized that not everyone does this,” she tells The Blast exclusively.

“I equated my experience to being gay, I thought everyone was gay, so I didn’t realize that not everyone was until later in life.”

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Growing up in a conservative home, Holup suppressed her gift for a long time, but when she went on a self-healing journey in 2020, beautiful things began to open up and she started leaning into them. He began meditating, taking classes, and working with a guru. And while she suppressed her gift for a long time, she’s really grateful that it all unfolded the way it did.

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Travis Holp said it’s okay to doubt

travis holp
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Holup realizes that there are people in the world who do not believe her gift is real or perhaps question it. Holp isn’t bothered by it and said her message to those who doubt it is, “It’s OK.”

“I grew up in a community where it was predominantly Christian and people expected you to believe certain things. I’m all for people who believe what they want to believe or what they feel is right. I think if people are skeptical, or completely cynical or don’t believe, that’s OK,” he said.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing and I think the world needs that contrast.”

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Sharing my messages about meditation, manifesting, and everything spiritual in between.

Holp credits his spiritual growth to learning to quiet his mind and meditate. Learning how to be present and meditate helped him connect with his energy, and now he wants to help others do the same.

on holps Instagram On the page, he often shares his wisdom for like-minded people or anyone who is looking to find their way toward spirituality.

In a recent video shared to Instagram, Holp explains a bit about disclosure and alignment.

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“As a medium, I work a lot with energy and help people who want to manifest things in their lives, in addition to connecting with their loved ones and spirit,” he said in his video. “And one of the biggest misconceptions I hear from people is that you have to feel good all the time or be in alignment to achieve your manifestations. The thing is, it’s a big misconception that alignment What really is.”

Many of her followers commented to share their thoughts.

“Such good advice! I’m so glad you’re doing your thing!!! It always gives me a warm feeling whenever you look at my feed!” One person wrote. Another said, “You always explain everything so clearly, thank you.”

How to Prepare for a Session with Travis Holp

travis holp
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Before my session with Holp, I was sent some helpful tips to prepare for the experience. I was asked to be in a “distraction-free environment with stable WiFi” and was told to bring questions and take notes during the session if I wanted.

“Having clear intentions before reading is a great way to make reading as productive as possible,” was another way I could prepare.

I was also told that Holp did not want to know who I would like to connect her with, and that she had no control over who would come.

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“Once we get started, I will begin to receive influences from spirit through seeing, hearing and feeling. During your time with us, you are welcome to ask as many questions as you want. My only intention is to leave you better than I found you. If I can do that, we’re in great shape,” he said.

“Spirit communicates with me in two different ways, through pictures, sounds, words, names, people passing by, all these fun things.”

I felt closure after my session with Travis Holp

I went into my session with an open mind and lots of positivity. I have three dead relatives who I hoped would come back, but I didn’t tell Holup.

At some point during the session, each of the three of me, my grandmother, grandfather and father, all had something to say.

My father left this earth with his own hands and on his own terms. He died when I was 18, and there’s been a hole left in my soul ever since. When a loved one dies by suicide, there’s never really any closure, and I always feel an emptiness because of that.

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I didn’t tell Holp about my father or how he died. When they said there was a “father figure” who died suddenly after something happened to his heart, I knew he was my father. (He shot himself in the chest.) Holp told me that my father wanted to apologize, and asked me if that meant anything, which of course made sense.

There were many other things said about my father that made no sense and all of them really left me feeling alone and at peace.

My grandfather also came. The way Holp described it made it clear to me that it was him. I was very close to my grandfather growing up and I always tell my three sons that he must have loved them very much. He mentioned my boys and how amazing they were, and it freaked me out a little.

Another thing that Holp said that surprised me was that he asked me if I was getting ready to walk. (I am!) He asked if I was moving in June (I am!) and told me that the move was exactly what me and my son needed, which is something I not only said but I have been feeling this for some time too.

Do I recommend a session with a medium? If you believe, you feel you have some unanswered questions, and you can keep an open mind, then I say yes, do it! Holp was very easy to talk to and felt like an old friend I’ve known forever. And it left me better than I found it, so I’d say it was a success!

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