George Carlin AI Special Lawsuit Settled

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George Carlin AI Special Lawsuit Settled

George Carlin once said that “Bulls**t is the true American soundtrack.” Well, today music has become a little more authentic – at least online.

A little more than two months later, when the comedy talent’s estate sued the creators of the AI-generated special, which uses Carlin’s style and voice, the parties have settled.

“Defendants are prohibited from uploading, posting or broadcasting Dudesci Special on the Dudessi Podcast, or posting any content on any website, account or platform controlled by Defendants (including, without limitation, YouTube and social media websites) You are permanently banned from uploading, posting or transmitting. A proposed injunction order filed Tuesday in federal court by both sides says. “Defendants are permanently restrained and enjoined from using George Carlin’s image, voice or likeness on the Dudesci Podcast, or any website, account or platform controlled by Defendants (including, without limitation, YouTube and social media websites) including the plaintiff’s express written approval of any content posted on Facebook, Inc., the filing against defendants Will Sasso and Chad Kultzen states.

In fact, Sasso and Kaltgen pulled the offending digital special on January 31, six days after the Carlin estate sued them. As of now, U.S. District Judge Mame Iwusi-Mensah Frimpon has not yet signed the order, according to the case docket.

Still, as long as the dodgy podcast hosts don’t violate the deal, it’s over.

Kind of.

Carlin’s daughter, Kelly Carlin, believes the case reflects the larger cultural and creative crisis potentially posed by the volcanic rise of AI.

,I am pleased that this matter was resolved quickly and amicably, and I am grateful that the defendants acted responsibly by swiftly removing the videos they created,” Carlin said in a statement sent to Deadline today. “Although it is a shame that this happened, I hope this case will serve as a warning about the dangers posed by AI technologies and that proper protections not only for artists and creators, but for every human being on Earth. Measures will be required.”

drawn from nightmare scenarios math question And terminator fBeyond the farmyard, the dramatic advances in artificial intelligence in the last year since ChatGPT went live have almost made it almost certain that nearly every aspect of our lives and society will be undergoing sweeping changes. As the Biden administration, the European Union, Hollywood Union and many others try to put up guardrails to at least control the pace of change, the advantages and disadvantages of AI seem to be joining the metal in a race for dominance. .

In terms of Carlin’s work and personality, an hour George Carlin: I’m glad I’m dead The special, which was released on YouTube on January 9, did not make any special effort to avoid legal troubles. Claiming that “For the next hour I will do my best George Carlin impersonation, sounding like a human being. I tried to capture his iconic style while tackling topics I think the comedy legend might be talking about today,” The presentation, filled with lame graphics, was apparently “a spoof of Carlin’s actual work”, a copyright violation. The complaint was announced of the comic, who died in 2008 at the age of 71.

The filing sought an injunction as the settlement was reached, and damages, which were not disclosed in today’s paperwork, even if they were granted.

Carlin Estate attorney Joshua Schiller said after the proposed order was filed, “This settlement is a fantastic result for our clients and will serve as a blueprint for resolving similar disputes going forward, where an artist or The rights of the public are violated by AI technology.”

“Our goal was to quickly resolve this matter and remove the offending video from the Internet so that we could preserve Mr. Carlin’s legacy and shed light on the reputational and intellectual property threat posed by this emerging technology,” Boies Schiller “The world is beginning to appreciate the power and potential dangers inherent in AI tools that can mimic voices, generate fake images and alter videos,” said the Flexner LLP partner. In recent months, there have been a wave of high-profile examples, from the fake Joe Biden robocall in New Hampshire to several rounds of AI-generated nude photos of celebrities. This is not a problem that will go away on its own. This must be met with swift, forceful action in the courts and the AI ​​software companies whose technology is being weaponized must also bear some degree of accountability.

Will this example be a blueprint for eliminating or preventing such AI-generated events in the future, you know, this is the first time that many times the dead will be digitally resurrected as the technology becomes more widespread – and that’s no big deal. Not there.

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