‘General Hospital’ vax mandate suit set to go to trial, as ABC loses motion to dismiss

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'General Hospital' vax mandate suit set to go to trial, as ABC loses motion to dismiss

ABC and Disney may be feeling a little under the weather right now.

The network and Mouse House bosses have lost their bid to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit by two general Hospital Crew member completes COVID-19 vaccine requirements. Now, actions of religious discrimination will be prosecuted unless ABC is willing to make a settlement to make it all go away.

Unlike the former-G h Actor Ingo Rademacher In his now-dismissed vaccine mandate suit, father and son James Wahl and Tim Wahl sued the soap opera for establishing their “genuine” Christian “religious beliefs” and desired exemption from receiving the then-mandatory vaccines. And “cooperated” with the network. ,

Of course, cooperation or not, ABC and G h When he refused to follow the protocols and get vaccinated, he was still banned. The network told Walls it was ‘unable to conclude that you are prevented from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine because of your sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance.’

Though not common, such refusals have occurred on several shows and projects, with more than a handful of them objecting during the months leading up to the return to work during the pandemic. In particular, ABC appears to have faltered more than once in deftly handling religious objections, as the Wahls case and rejected potential solutions make clear.

Which means, with this week’s ruling, even if L.A. Superior Court Judge Stephen Gorewitch agrees with ABC to dismiss the breach of privacy claim, members of the GH VFX department will get their wish and the jury will get their say. But she will take the final decision, so to speak.

“Because it essentially involves a determination of credibility, it is difficult to grant summary judgment on this issue,” Judge Gourevitch wrote in the February 20-minute order. He further stated, “While defendants’ counsel identifies the seeming inconsistencies, plaintiffs raise sufficient facts to give rise to a triable issue, namely, the interpretation of their religious beliefs.”

“Given the disputed facts and the need for a credibility determination, the jury, not the judge, should determine whether plaintiffs were genuine in their beliefs.”

Read the order denying ABC’s motion to fire General Hospital crew members.’ Vaccine mandate lawsuit here

Fired by ABC and GH in late 2021, Wahls initially filed a lawsuit in June 2022 for religious and disability discrimination, retaliation and more. As the case moved pending courts, family members dropped claims of disability, wrongful termination and retaliation.

Disney and ABC did not respond to requests for comment on the decision when contacted by Deadline. If they do, we will update this post. On the other hand, Wahl’s lead lawyer was very vocal today.

Scott Street told Deadline, “As many people are moving forward from the pandemic, this decision should be a reminder of the thousands of people who lost their careers because they asserted their rights and their employers violated their conscience.” “Standed up for efforts to do.” , “The pandemic will not end until every corporation that violates the rights of its workers is held accountable. We look forward to presenting this case to a jury soon.

A trial setting conference is scheduled for March 11 in DTLA.

One more thing, if you’re getting this strange feeling you’ve heard it before – as you have.

Street was Rademacher’s lawyer in the fired actor’s failed vaccine lawsuit. Adding to the mix, Judge Gorewitch was also the LASC judge in that case. One case they dismissed in June 2023 — about a year after Wahls filed his still-ongoing case.

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