Game Show Network unveils new series ‘Beat the Bridge’, ‘Tic Tac Dough’

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Game Show Network unveils new series 'Beat the Bridge', 'Tic Tac Dough'

Game Show Network is preparing to premiere three new original series this year: hit the bridge, Hosted by Cameron Mathieson, based on BBC bridge of lies, In June; tic tac dough, Hosted by Brooke Burns and previously announced to be hosted by Jaleel White in August flip side, which is launching in national syndication in September. The news was announced today by GSN as part of Sony Pictures Television Advertiser Sales in New York City.

Hosted by Mathieson (General Hospital, Home and Family), based on BBC bridge of lies From STV Studios, hit the bridge It features a giant interactive bridge that players dare to cross by stepping on the correct answers to challenging trivia questions. Each forward step puts money into the team’s bank, with bonus money added for each successful crossing. However, the team only gets to keep the money if it can “beat the bridge” by returning one of its players before time runs out in an exciting final game.

hit the bridge is a Game Show Enterprises Studio production. Ed Egan serves as executive producer and Sabrina Hybel Snow serves as co-executive producer. Josephine Brassey, Gary Chippington and David Mortimer serve as executive producers for STV Studios.

tic tac dough An update of NBCUniversal’s classic format originally created by Robert Noah. burns (Master Minds, The Chase) Guides two contestants as they compete to place their three points in a row on the giant trivia board. Both players must try to avoid the dragon, which is waiting in ambush to steal their turn and stand in the way of their victory. After three rounds, the winning player advances to face the Dragon in the Grand Prize Round, where the Dragon moves strategically on the board to block the player’s ability to make three-in-a-row and take home $10,000. Is.

tic tac dough The game is produced by Show Enterprises Studios, with Raney Lemons as executive producer and Sabrina Hybel Snow as co-executive producer. Village Roadshow Television serves as studio executive producer with Harry Friedman, NBC’s Brenda Milinkovic and VRTV’s Shannon Perry serving as executive producers.

Casting announcements were posted for both hit the bridge And tic tac dough earlier this year, but this is the first official announcement from GSN.

was announced earlier flip side It has been described as a new take on a traditional game show based on the format created by Keller/Noll. The easy-to-play game show pits two teams of players against each other to test how two different groups of people feel about the same issue. Teams compete for a shot at $10,000 by guessing the top answers based on anonymous surveys.

flip side The game is a Game Show Enterprises Studios production for CBS Media Ventures with Jay James, Corinne Nelson and Rich Sirop serving as executive producers. Cleve Keller and Dave Knoll (Keller/Knoll) and Ken Ross also serve as executive producers. T. Jones serves as co-executive producer.

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