France’s SuperProd Group acquires Studio 352 and Melusine Productions

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France's SuperProd Group acquires Studio 352 and Melusine Productions

Unique: Paris-based SuperProd Group has acquired top Luxembourg animation companies Studio 352 and Melusine Productions, strengthening its position as one of Europe’s leading animation production groups.

Based in Contern in southern Luxembourg, the affiliates were founded in the late 1990s by Belgian producer Stéphane Roelants.

Melusine Productions develops, finances and manages the projects, while Studio 352, which has assembled a local team of top-level artists and technicians, executes the work.

The partner companies have been involved in some of the most significant animated feature films produced out of Europe over the past 27 years.

At the same time, they have also strengthened Luxembourg’s position as an animation production center with the strong support of the Luxembourg Film Fund.

Latest credits include Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry’s Michael Morpurgo-adaptation Kensuke’s Empirewhich won Best Feature Film at the 2024 British Animation Awards in February.

Other previous credits include Ari Folman Congress (2013), Tom Moore’s Oscar-nominated song of the sea (2014), and subsequent films wolf maker (2020), co-directed with Ross Stewart, as well as Patrick Imbert’s Cesar-winner peak of gods (2021) and Julian Cheng and Jean-Christophe Roger Ernest and Celestine: A Trip to Gibberita,

The companies have a number of new productions in the works in partnership with top European studios Paris-based Foliverie, Ireland’s Cartoon Salon and SuperProd Animation.

The acquisition deal has grown out of the long-running working relationship between Rolantes and SuperProd Group co-founding principals Clément Calvet and Jérémy Fazner. The latter emerging Paris-based company works in all formats, but with a particular focus on animation, with recent credits including TV series. Batwheels, Spirit Rangers And paddington,

SuperProd Group has committed to supporting the development in Luxembourg of both the studio and the production company.

Under the deal, Roelants will continue his role as producer on existing projects within Melusine Productions, and hand over general management to Fabian Renelli, who has worked with him for nearly 20 years.

Roelants said, “After 27 years of creating, growing and ensuring the survival of Studio 352 and Melusine Productions, I am delighted to hand over the reins to the younger generation.”

“Isn’t it the desire of every company founder and manager to see his or her company continue to grow, thereby ensuring a promising future? Joining SuperProd Group will give both companies the opportunity to flourish within a group capable of meeting new market challenges while preserving their Luxembourg identity.

“The relationship of trust built over many years with Clement and Jeremy gives us the possibility of a solid and pleasant collaboration, which, I am sure, will give new letters of nobility to both entities.”

Calvet and Fajner expressed pride in the fact that Roelants had entrusted the studio to them, becoming a major animation partner in Europe over the course of 27 years.

“We have known Stephen and the talented teams at Studio 352 for many years, particularly through our co-production of the film song of the seaWhich took us to the Oscars, Césars and European film awards together,” he said.

“We would also like to pay tribute to Stephen’s talent and determination and the reputation of the companies he has developed and established at the pinnacle of the industry.”

Superprod Group was advised by Hottinger Corporate Finance (M&A), Eight Advisory (due diligence) and Alerian Avocates (legal).

Under the acquisition, Studio 352 and Melusine Productions will gain access to additional technical support, including SuperProd Group’s state-of-the-art USD pipeline – developed in-house and based on Pixar’s open-source Universal Scene Description (USD) technology.

This gives them access to the SuperProd Group’s production units in France and Italy (Red Monk Studios) and the US (The Coproduction Company), as well as its diverse activities in international sales (SuperRights), music project management and music rights (440 Hz). Will do. and partnerships with major international studios in Europe and the US.

SuperProd Group has committed to strengthening and developing the Studio 352 and Melusine production teams, who will also benefit from collaboration and career advancement opportunities within SuperProd Group.

Along with its new Luxembourg acquisition, SuperProd Group also runs studios in Paris, Angoulême and Milan and has offices in Los Angeles and New York.

The company operates as both a service provider and original content creator with regular partners including Passion Paris, Netflix, (HBO) Max, Warner Bros. Animation, Universal Pictures, Nickelodeon and broadcasters Canal Plus, France Télévisions, TF1, M6 SND, Works in. BBC, RAI and ARD.

Recent production highlights include the animation TV series Batwheels, Spirit Rangers And Paddington, live-action movies Mister Blake at yours Service, and live-action TV series Panda And Home Sweet Rome,

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