Former ‘The Amanda Show’ writer wants SAG to ‘take action’ amid ‘peace on set’

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Amanda Bynes reportedly grew close to Dan Schneider

East ‘The Amanda Show’ Author jenny kilgenThe star, who worked on the sitcom during season one, recently wrote a letter to SAG President Francine Drescher regarding the allegations. ‘Calm on set’ Documentary

Kilgen was one of the former nickelodeon The cast participating in the documentary accused the network of illegally forcing them and another writer to share pay as the only two female writers for ‘The Amanda Show’.

Now, she is arriving Screen Actors Guild Taking action for child actors today and providing resources for those who need them.

Jenny Kilgen asks SAG to ‘initiate child safety protocols’


one in Letter Addressing SAG President Francine Drescher, the former ‘The Amanda Show’ author asked: “The Screen Actors Guild will commit to stronger child protections to protect young actors, both through implementation and activation of the requirements of the new SAG-AFTRA signatory agreement. “Take action to initiate protocols.” Support of appropriate state and federal legislation.”

“I hope this action will address and help dismantle the power of the current industry, which exists to protect the financial well-being of studios and networks, often at the expense of emotional, psychological and physical well-being,” the former author said. Adding, “The children they employ are in a dynamic where violent behavior is encouraged and the parents are too often sidelined.”

‘The Amanda Show’ author says kids deserve ‘predator-free working conditions’

'Come back era': Drake Bell takes a big step in his career after Brian Peck's abuse allegations

next Drake BellThere are allegations against brian peckThe former author says that children “are entitled to working conditions free from predators.”

“Imagine being a child, trying to navigate the world of adults in an environment where you are taught that pleasing people in power, entertaining them personally, and demonstrating compliance, is all you need to progress your career. And how easily, in that dynamic, it is to fall into the trap of people with bad intentions,” she said in the letter. “Children are entitled to working conditions free from fear of predators and reprisals and, unfortunately, The structure needed to ensure this does not exist.”

As you may know, Drake Bell says he was a victim of sexual harassment at the hands of former Voice instructor Brian Peck when they both worked for Nickelodeon.

‘We need to focus on implementation of safety measures’

Amanda Bynes arrives on the pink carpet for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach

The author of ‘The Amanda Show’ told SAG that she sees “implementation of safeguards like mandatory background checks, proper training for adults, transparency of investigation and reporting policies, and free access to mental health providers throughout the employment cycle (and need to focus on.” When necessary, later) to name a few.”

She added, “I hope that SAG-AFTRA, under your leadership, will consider creating a special task force with the express purpose of improving child safety and welfare in the industry.” “The task force should include a comprehensive audit of current policies and practices and their ‘real-world’ effectiveness, and engage in community dialogue to include child artists, their parents, and like-minded community activists.

Former Nickelodeon star asks SAG to ensure ‘safe work environment’ for actors

'Come back era': Drake Bell takes a big step in his career after Brian Peck's abuse allegations

Jenny Kilgen then concluded, “As the union tasked with ensuring a safe working environment for actors, I leave it in your capable hands and look forward to hearing about your plans and initiatives. I really appreciate your time and action in this incredibly important matter.

The Screen Actors Guild has not commented publicly on Jenny Kilgen’s letter, but Nickelodeon released a statement after the documentary aired.

Nickelodeon issues statement on ‘quiet on set’

Nickelodeon reportedly sent actors a computer with 'Child P-RN' on it

Drake Bell, Alexa Nicholas, Kyle Sullivan and Giovonni Samuels are just some of the stars who took part in the documentary and have accused the network, producers and other cast members of abuse, assault and more.

“While we cannot confirm or deny allegations of behavior dating back decades, all as part of our commitment to foster a safe and professional workplace environment free of harassment or other types of inappropriate conduct under Nickelodeon policy. Investigates formal complaints,” the network said.

Adding further, “Our top priorities are the well-being and best interests of not only our staff, cast and crew, but also all children, and we have adopted a number of safety measures over the years to help ensure that we maintain our high standards.” But we are living up to it. And the expectations of our audience.”

‘Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids’ TV’ is now streaming on Max.

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