Emraan Hashmi: Moving outside the box in Bollywood.

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OG of Bollywood serial kisser The boy has developed. It took him time to break out of the box, but he did. In recent years, he has been seen experimenting with a variety of roles, including two-film hero projects like Selfie and Tiger 3. The latter, where he played the role of an anti-hero, brought him back into the limelight. Imran talks to us about why he doesn’t want to be ranked as a villainhis entry into south movies even more.
‘At first, my idea of ​​a villain was that he would just be portrayed as this dark character.’
Talking about the change in his career, Imran says, “People would not have even thought of me in a film starring Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar. They’re two different worlds and when they collide, something that sparks happens. I think Once Upon a Time in Mumbai will be one of my first films in that field. I needed to convince Milan (Luthria, director) a lot to get me to play that role. I was reluctant because till then I was only playing the lead role. At first, my idea of ​​the villain was that he would just be portrayed as this dark character. But in that film I played the role of an anti-hero. The same applies to my role in Tiger 3. He is the hero of his own story. I would not like to play a colorful villain in a film. I am grateful to the filmmakers that they realized this and experimented with it. I just go with the flow, and I’m not keen on doing films of a certain genre.
‘I don’t want to be known as a villain’
He enjoys playing villain roles in films, but does not want to do so again and again. He elaborated, “I have done a few antagonist roles. I don’t want to play villain roles. Yes, it’s an interesting time to experiment. “People are loving the larger-than-life experience in movies where two giants are competing against each other.”

Emraan Hashmi

‘There was a deliberate attempt to do something different’
When Emraan started out, he was known for a certain kind of cinema – intimate and bold. He remained trapped in the image for years before finally breaking away from it. Ask them what their interests are as an actor Today and he says, “I think finding a groove is dangerous because it can put you in a box again. I hated the fact that I was boxed into a certain kind of roles for about 15 years. That There was a deliberate effort to step out of the box and do something different because I was not growing as an actor. I was sleepwalking on every set. That’s when I did films like Shanghai and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. It’s a really big trap. Even a lot of actors in the West probably avoid doing characters like Bond, because sometimes you slowly get boxed in. They say it’s detrimental to your career because When you come out of this people don’t see you as anything else.
‘I never thought of going into the South film industry’
Among all his leaps as an actor, the biggest one has been stepping into a pan-Indian South project. Talking about the film, in which she stars alongside Telugu star Pawan Kalyan, she says, “I never imagined coming into the South film industry. But it was a great script and a great character. Sujeeth is a great director and is making this film on a huge canvas.
‘We have a lot to learn from the way South films are made’
Ask him how different it is to work in the South film industry, he says, “I think South filmmakers are much more disciplined than us (in Hindi cinema). Every penny they spend on their film is shown on screen. I feel that in Hindi films we often spend money in the wrong areas and it ultimately has no impact on the screen. There is finesse in his films when it comes to VFX, scale and choice of path-breaking stories. We have some ground to make before we can match him and we have a lot to learn from the way he makes films.”

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