Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian are directing her steamy sex scenes in ‘Strictly Confidential’ (Exclusive)

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Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian are directing her steamy sex scenes in 'Strictly Confidential' (Exclusive)

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In the thriller, which marks Damien’s directorial debut, Elizabeth plays Lily, a grieving mother who brings together her late daughter Rebecca’s friends as they all mourn her death. However, when the bereaved group – including Rebecca’s best friend, Mia – try to come to terms with what they believe to be a suicide, they uncover something even more sinister.

Damien told his mother about the inspiration for the film, “The idea first came to my mind when I was 17 when I lost a very close friend to suicide, which was a really devastating time. ” “It was the first loss that I and most of my friends had ever known and the world fell apart and COVID happened and that idea got locked in a little drawer. I made a short film on the lockdown, which was produced by Lionsgate. One of the CEOs had made a look and suddenly I got a call saying they wanted me to write and direct a feature for them, which is crazy to hear.”

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Damian revealed that the death by suicide of his biological father, Steve Byng, and the death of Elizabeth’s former fiancé, Shane Warne, also added a layer of grief to the project and led him to withdraw from it.

“Meanwhile, since I first came up with this idea, I lost my biological father to suicide, your ex-fiancé and my ex-stepfather also died and I suffered a lot, a lot. All the loss was grief and I’ve really grown,” he says. “I suddenly found that old idea hidden in a drawer that I had thought of when I was 17, and I thought I could make something with it. So I sat down, started writing and strictly confidential was born.”

When it came time to take on the role of matriarch, Damien wanted to call his mother, as she had made a promise to him that would be hard for him to break.

“You were my first choice,” Damien told his mother about casting her in the film. “You made me a promise when I was eight years old and I was making little short films of myself, walking around with a video camera and torturing every single victim family member or friend I could get my hands on. Could have. You promised me that if I ever did a real movie, you’d be in it, and so I thought I’d call you to keep your promise, and you did.”

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As for Elizabeth, she knew how important it would be for her to keep her word to her son, especially in a project that was so close to her.

She tells Damian, “I promised you I’d be in your first movie, so I was always going to be in this.” “But I think you gave me a lot to do in this. I was always a supporting character. Your leads strictly confidential They’re also 25 and under, but it was the best part that could have come from someone my age who is a generation older than the kids in the movie. I had better things to do and I wasn’t just doing mommy stuff. My role was very good, so you really played it well.”

However, Elizabeth’s character is not wearing an apron and making apple pie. Instead, she engages in some very hot and heavy scenes with one of Rebecca’s friends. While the world is talking about the idea of ​​Damien directing his mother in some compromising situations, the young director admits he didn’t have time to explore this moment – ​​he had a movie to finish!

“We just didn’t have time,” he says of being frustrated with the scenes. “Shooting an independent film, every second counts, every minute counts. That’s all that’s going on in your mind,’ Oh God, how will we make the day? We’re losing light. There’s a bombardment of mosquitoes, cicadas. All sound is ruined.’ I think that scene was one of seven scenes we shot that day. It was the last thing on my mind. We just had to get that scene, make it beautiful, and work on the next 12 scenes that day. Had to do.”

Elizabeth, 58, shares that she had no trouble shooting the “provocative” scene because it made sense.

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“What’s going on between me and the actress, that people are making a fuss about, was an integral part of the story,” she says. “It was important. There’s nothing unnecessary about it. I think it It’s just for me. I’m just myself, I can’t help it if people see it that way.”

Although Elizabeth didn’t really have a problem with the material, she had to get out of “mom mode” when her son was busy with work.

She tells Damien, “My favorite part about having you as my director was that I felt so safe in your hands, knowing I could trust you.” “When a performance was right and there was anything to help with, you know, actors always need help. My least favorite part was probably not being able to tell you as I usually would a I do it as a mom, like, ‘Take your elbows off the table, drink more water, eat slowly.’ Things like that. I had to control myself.”

Damien, 21, credits direct footage with his mother on set gossip Girl For his interest in being behind the camera.

“I think it was on the set of gossip Girl That was the first set you took me on properly, when I was about eight years old, and I remember what a beautiful environment it was for a young creative person to grow up in,” he shared. “I loved it. Had snuck into the editing suite to see all the editors assemble things. I ran lines with everyone. The directors allowed me to do the action and cut.”

Another famous actress also gave her a chance when it came to helping young Damien on screen.

“The amazing Blake Lively, who played Serena [van der Woodsen] Always let me run my lines with him. I knew all his lines very well. Whenever someone said something wrong, I would shout back and it was an amazing experience growing up. It sparked my creativity,” he recalls.

As for Elizabeth, Damien has it all decided from the director’s chair, but for suggesting one thing, she has to go back into mom mode.

“You made it to direct,” she tells Damien. “Being in the editing suite, you got all that. I think I would go back to mom’s words and say you have to take care of yourself during pre-production and production. You have to eat. I’m a mom. “But I’m also really smart. You have to eat right and take care of yourself.”

strictly confidential In theaters, digital and on demand April 5th.

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