Dorinda Medley Spills the Tea on Spring Cleaning and Easy Entertaining

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When it comes to spring cleaning and entertaining, Dorinda Medley knows her stuff!

Through her partnership with Clorox, she’s all the tea about the big task of getting ready for spring cleaning and entertaining along with dealing with mysterious messes around the house (and cleaning it, of course). Is spending.

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‘Real Housewives of New York’ alum Dorinda Medley is ready for a ‘reset’


It’s spring cleaning time! Although it is a chore, some people hate it, while others love it.

Medley, who is known for hosting unforgettable events on “RHONY,” has teamed up with Clorox to share her tips for conquering party messes before, during and after the event.

The reality star’s luxurious Berkshire estate, Blue Stone Manor, where she hosts a number of exciting celebrations each year, is not immune to the occasional spill or splash during a prestigious get-together. Medley’s expertise in entertaining after an event and getting everything back shiny and clean attracted her to partner with Clorox.

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“It’s the perfect partnership for someone like me with Blue Stone Manor and all the entertainment I’ve had and all the entertainment you see me having with the girls that cause chaos,” Medley tells The Blast exclusively. Are made.”

“When I heard about the partnership with Clorox I thought, how could this be better because I do a lot of entertaining and I raise a lot of girls at home, and I think it just came really naturally Was fit. I’m always talking about how I keep my house clean and how I entertain, how I host. And as we all know, after everything we’ve been through in the last three or four years, cleaning and keeping things bacteria-free, virus-free, spill-free, mess-free is more important than ever. It is done.

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Medley said she uses all of Clorox’s products, wipes, mists, bleach, stain removers and toilet bombs, to keep Blue Stone Manor sparkling clean before and after the party.

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Dorinda Medley did a deep clean of her NYC apartment before moving in.

dorinda medley
Joseph Mikos

The reality star swore off spring cleaning and said it’s important to “reset.” Before moving into her NYC apartment, she cleaned everything from floor to ceiling.

“I always think, whenever you go to a place, you open a house, you entertain, it’s very important to reset it seasonally,” she said. “Spring cleaning is so important. It kind of makes the house feel fresh and ready.”

One task Medley does more often during spring cleaning is to thoroughly clean out the refrigerator, closets and shelves.

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“I do a deep cleaning of my refrigerator four times a year,” she said. “I’ve taken everything off the shelves, even my closet, because when you’re able to reset, dust off, clean whatever, it refreshes you mentally. I think it’s always great to keep it reset.”

throwing a party? Dorinda Medley has tips for making the event magical

Joseph Mikos

Every “RHONY” fan knows that hosting a good feast is the best thing Medley can do. One thing she has learned over the years is that preparation is important and guests should feel like everything has “magically” happened.

“By the time you open the doors to your guests, 90 percent of the work should be done. You always have to have good food, good music and make sure people feel comfortable. You never close the doors to an event. You want to open and feel crazy. It should be like a symphony,” she told The Blast. “Your visitors should feel like the whole thing has magically happened. “People don’t want to come forward and feel like they’re part of the chaos.”

Another key to preparing for a big event is not to go too crazy with the food.

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“Keep it simple. Serve it buffet style so people can come in and out and serve themselves,” he said.

“People just want to be together and they want to feel like you’re happy to have them in your home. It should be an escape for them. Walk in the door of Blue Stone Manor and you’ve entered an experience. “

Dorinda Medley has many memorable ‘RHONY’ moments

dorinda medley

Although it’s not easy to pinpoint just one favorite moment from her time on “RHONY,” Medley had a few moments come to mind immediately.

“There are so many. I think one of my favorite scenes was my scene with Carol when we went to London and both realized we had a stronger relationship with our husbands. But my favorite part of filming was always Going up to Blue Stone Manor when I used to decorate like crazy. I miss it. I was always decorating so it wasn’t for the show, but this was the first time it was displayed,” she shared. Did.

“I always love that time, those three months when we were all filming together, even when it was hard, even when we were going through it. We had such a bond that we knew we would get through this and we knew we were going to have a great show. As a group we were really authentic.

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Dorinda Medley is dating with ‘excitement’ and ‘hesitancy’

dorinda medley

Medley is back on the dating scene!

The reality star was married twice and has a daughter, Hannah, with her first husband, Ralph Lynch. Her second marriage was to Richard Medley from 2005 until his death in 2011.

As she currently finds herself dating again, she goes into it with some “excitement” and a little “hesitation”.

“I do it with a combination of excitement and hesitation,” she told The Blast. “I always think, maybe you’ll meet someone nice.”

He also said it also includes “hope”.

Recently, Medley had a moment that made her think she’s “still got it.”

During the flight from Miami, the man next to her struck up a conversation. When she told him she had a 30-year-old daughter, he said, “I thought you were 45. I’ll ask you.”

“I was caught off guard. I didn’t even realize he was talking to me like I was a potential date,” she said. “I got off the plane thinking, ‘You still got it, Dorinda.’”

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