Dominic Fike files restraining order against obsessed fan

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Musician and “Euphora” star Dominic Fike A scary encounter with a fan resulted in a restraining order being filed last week. In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Fike describes a traumatic incident in which an alleged stalker, Hannah SavasThe 26-year-old broke into her house without permission and tried to meet her, claiming that they had been in a relationship for years.

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Left left ‘extremely disturbed’ by encounter with ‘irregular’ stalker


Fike is requesting a restraining order on behalf of himself and his assistant, Francesca SuWho was also present during the encounter.

According to the filed documents, on the afternoon of March 26, Fike and Hsu were at their home when they noticed Savas, a stranger, in their living room.

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“I was at my home with Ms. Su and a salesman appointed to provide services in my home. At approximately 3:45 pm, I saw a stranger (Ms. Savas) sitting on my couch in my living room, carrying a large bag over her shoulder. After confirming with Ms. Sue that she did not know the stranger, we asked Ms. Savas who she was. Ms. Savas said she came to meet me, that we were texting, that she planned to come to my house with me, and that she had gotten a ride to my house. I was extremely disturbed by this, as I had never met or spoken to this person before. I told her I didn’t know who she was. Then she lied and said that she was in a relationship with me for the last three years and I don’t know why no one knew her. He acted wrongly.”

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Feekes faces charges after encounter with alleged stalker

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After the discovery, Fix’s assistant attempted to remove the intruder from the property. “Ms. Sue escorted Ms. Savas off my property and called 911. After the sheriff arrived, she asked if we wanted to press charges, and we said we did. We spoke to Ms. Savas again. Didn’t do it.

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In his filing, which included a request for a temporary restraining order until the hearing, Fike is asking the court to stop Savas from doing the following: “Harassing, intimidating, stalking, assaulting, stalking, threatening. assault, assault (sexually or otherwise), beat, abuse, destroy personal property or disturb the peace of the person. Contact the person, directly or indirectly, in any way, including in person, by telephone By, but not limited to, in writing, by public or private mail, by interoffice mail, by email, by text message, by facsimile, or by other electronic means.”

Fike is also asking the court to bar Savas from sharing or publicly broadcasting his home address and to stay at least 100 yards away from Fike and Hsu.

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Fykes ‘fears for his and assistant’s safety’ after encounter

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The incident is described further in court documents.

“Ms. Savas came into the living room of my house falsely stating that she was dating me and invited her to come over there. My address is not published or publicly known, and I have never met her, Did not speak to her, or invite her to her home. When she was asked to leave she raised her voice and used physical force against my assistant (Francesca Sue), who attempted to escort Ms. Savas out of the property. Had attempted. Worryingly, Ms. Savas said she would return. I understand that Ms. Savas may be living nearby and may have a history of criminal conduct and harassment. This disturbing incident caused me to report to my assistant and myself Have created fear for safety.

Savas has a history of harassment, which was also documented in court documents.

Fike gained international fame as part of the Euphoria cast.

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Fyke first broke into entertainment as a singer and songwriter. They have released two studio albums, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” (2020) and “Sunburn” (2023). He appeared as Elliot in season two of HBO’s smash hit teen drama “Euphoria.”

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