Diddy’s ex-wife Misa Hilton criticizes DHS agents for their treatment of their son during home raid: ‘Enough is enough’

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Diddy's ex-wife Misa Hilton criticizes DHS agents for their treatment of their son during home raid: 'Enough is enough'

Shawn “Diddy“Combs’ ex-wife is speaking out after her son was found in handcuffs while the music mogul’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami were being raided by federal law enforcement.

Misa Hilton took to Instagram on Tuesday to criticize Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the federal agency that carried out the raid, saying the agency’s show of force was an attempt to “humiliate and terrorize” her 30-year-old son Justin Combs. In the post, she also mentioned Christian “King” Combs, 26, who Diddy shared with the late Kim Porter.

“The use of overzealous and highly militarized force against my sons Justin and Christian is reprehensible,” Hilton shared in her caption of a post that included security footage showing HSI carrying out the raid at Diddy’s L.A. home. Is shown arriving. “If these were the sons of any non-Black celebrities, they would not have been treated so aggressively. This attempt to humiliate and terrorize these innocent young Black men is disgusting!”

Hilton questioned whether Justin “needed multiple laser beams from firearms on his chest” and whether Christian needed “a gun to the back of his head while he was handcuffed.”

“How many times have we seen young unarmed black people come out of these types of situations alive?” He continued. “My son’s attorney Jeffrey Lichtman is investigating the excessive use of force which was unnecessary and certainly not necessary for this search warrant.”

Diddy’s homes were raided on March 25, with reports suggesting the raids were linked sex trafficking allegations, It is not clear what the raids are connected to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct Against sister. Hilton is speaking more than a week after helicopter footage showed Justin and Christian being handcuffed while law enforcement raided the home.

In a statement to ET, Diddy’s attorney, Aaron Dyer, echoed the same sentiments expressed by Hilton.

,[T]There was an excessive use of military-level force as search warrants were executed at Mr. Combs’ residences. “There is no excuse for the excessive force and hostility shown by officers or the treatment of her children and staff,” Dyer said in the statement. Combs was never taken into custody but spoke to officers. And cooperated with them.”

Dyer’s statement continued, “Despite media speculation, neither Mr. Combs nor any member of his family has been arrested nor has his ability to travel been restricted in any way.” “This unprecedented attack – coupled with an advanced, coordinated media presence – leads to a premature rush to judgment on Mr. Combs and is nothing more than a witch-hunt based on meritless allegations made in civil lawsuits. There has been no finding of criminal or civil liability for any of these allegations. Mr. Combs is innocent and will continue to fight every day to clear his name.”

Christian appears to be taking the ordeal in stride. On Monday he took to Instagram and offered a glimpse How he celebrated his 26th birthday.

And on Sunday, Diddy also took to Instagram posted a photo carousel The Easter Sunday celebration includes his youngest daughter, Love Sean Combs.

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