Did QVC Win April Fool’s Day With ‘Bologna Folder’?

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many people who see qvc Would regularly consider purchasing anything hosted marie deangelis Selling because she is absolutely convincing!

On April Fool’s Day 2002, people were left scratching their heads over the new and inventive product the DeAngelis were selling, until they realized it was actually a good April Fool’s joke!

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Doesn’t everyone need a ‘Bologna folder’?

TikTok | marie deangelis

Yes, you read that right – a bologna folder. Who wouldn’t need such an inventive product to do the awesome job of folding your bologna? And what a great deal at only $22.76!

“We’ve got something brand new. We’re so excited to introduce you to it. It’s a bologna folder,” DeAngelis said on air at QVC this past April Fool’s Day. “Look at this! It’s big! You’ll want to clear your counters. You won’t be able to store it.”

DeAngelis, being adept at selling anything and everything, never once deviated from the task. There was no need to laugh or cringe at the ridiculous things she was saying to sell this product.

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“A bologna folder solves many problems. It will organize your bologna. It will save more space in the refrigerator and on your shelves, wherever you store your bologna,” she continued enthusiastically. “And since there are 1,900 different types of bologna all over the world, we have to get a handle on this situation.”

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Mary DeAngelis is really selling it with her simple sales tactics!

As she is explaining the need for this new product, she is also demonstrating its greatness.

“First of all, you have to grease this machine. You have to grease it twice a day,” he said. “Now, the first piece of bologna is perfectly placed. See that circle? If it’s bigger than that circle, it’s not bologna. So that’s the first thing the machine is doing for you.”

Then a lightbulb went off in DeAngelis’s mind when he realized he had set the machine to “dilute.”

“Now we know we can arrange bologna, there’s a thin stack. Here’s another piece of bologna,” he continued and demonstrated all the amazing things this big machine can do.

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The next piece of bologna was a “thick piece” so it had to be “arranged” on the edge, which is another super helpful function of this machine.

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The machine handles the hard work of folding the bologna for you!

marie deangelis
TikTok | marie deangelis

Nobody likes bologna folded and put on a sandwich, right? Well, Bologna Folder will take all that work away and make your life a little easier. While demonstrating how the machine folds bologna, DeAngelis goes through a bit of a “learning curve.”

“Beautifully folded,” she said. “And then you take it and stack it.”

Then it was time to discuss the nice colors this machine comes in, which is important since it is huge and will likely be on your kitchen counter in front of everyone who enters the house.

“So we have it in black and aqua, tan, taupe, coming soon, beige, greige, oh that sounds fun,” she said with excitement in her voice. “We also have it in the pus, it’s fresh. Then we also have it in the bone and the color is said to be yellow.”

DeAngelis then broke the great news that “We have every single one of them in stock!”

“The price is $22.76 and Easy Pay is $11.38,” she informed everyone getting ready to place their orders. “So don’t miss it.”

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‘Bologna is back!’ And the audience was shocked by it!

Mary DeAngelis on QVC
YouTube | qvc original

Although it’s a two-year-old joke, DeAngelis re-shared the clip on it TIC Toc This April Fool’s Day, the page went viral with over 1.6 million views and thousands of comments.

“They should audition people like this for QVC ‘Sell Me a Bologna Folder’,” one person said in the comments. Another said, “God…if my mom saw this legit April Fool’s ad she would still try to buy it.”

Many others enjoyed watching the drama and shared their jokes and thoughts in the comments section.

“QVC understood the assignment,” one person wrote. Another said, “The truth is I knew it was bullshit but I believed every word explaining why you are a professional!”

Some people shared that DeAngelis was too convincing with her sales pitch.

One viewer shared, “Oh my god, I was totally convinced it was real and I was blown away. What a professional.” Another said, “WTH! Is this true???”

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Mary DeAngelis’s TikTok followers enjoyed the ‘Bologna Folder’ last year too!

YouTube | qvc original

This wasn’t the first time this week that DeAngelis introduced her TikTok followers to this new household necessity. She shared this clip last year and many viewers had something to say about it.

“Proof of how talented these salespeople are because I want one,” one viewer shared in the comments.

Another person completely joking said, “I can’t tell you how much bologna is falling out of my refrigerator. I used to leave it open there until I got it.” DeAngelis replied, “Call our testimonial line the next time you see it on-air.”

Another viewer shared a great idea, “I know what to give at my office Yankee Swap this year!”

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