Did Kenya Moore Know About Pal Kandi Burruss’ ‘RHOA’ Exit?

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kenya moore have confessed their knowledge about Kandi Burruss“Exit”real housewives of atlanta,

In a media chat, the reality television star opened up about what she knew about Burruss’ decision to leave the show before the businesswoman made the shocking announcement on the Grammys red carpet.

The mom’s public admission comes shortly after an insider revealed former Housewife Porsha Williams’ alleged condition for a comeback.

Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss chat about Burruss’ decision to leave ‘RHOA’


Even though she’s been keeping quiet about her peachy status since filming wrapped on the 15th season of “RHOA” a year ago. Moore is ready to express disrespect to his friend, Burruss. He recently used the opportunity of an interview to reveal:

“We had a conversation like, ‘Okay, if you get a call, let me know…’ We talked about all that, and once he told me he decided not to come back So I said, ‘Are you sure? Really think about it. Are you sure?’ “You know, you’ve been there for 14 years straight…’”

After praising the singer-songwriter for “getting so much love and so much respect,” the beauty pageant titleholder added, “I think once she made the decision, it was really clear that she felt comfortable with the decision.” “I felt good.”

Moore then admitted that he ultimately chose to support his friend. at“If that’s what you really want, and that’s where your heart leads you, then I’m all for it.” Delving deeper into the conversation with the outlet, the haircare mogul explained:

“Everything has its season. You can’t have the same job forever, at least most people don’t. You have to follow your heart, and these times where I feel free, you know? I finally got a divorce, I finally got the most beautiful baby I ever wanted – everything on my vision board comes true for the most part – and I feel like when it’s time for me to move on, I’ll be Just know I will do it, and it will be a happy moment.

Moore also reiterated that her leaving “RHOA” would not be sad because it would mean “taking a step in a different direction” and that she “hoped everyone would support me in this.”

As for Burruss’s unexpected revelation at the Grammys, the 47-year-old later admitted that she didn’t intend to share the news at the awards ceremony. As she revealed, the circumstances surrounding the information being shared limited her to being there for her family and exploring new opportunities.

She elaborated that stepping away from reality television shows allowed her to more fully embrace some “mom duties” that were previously challenging to manage. In his words:

“As if I was performing the duties of a real mother, and I was loving it. I was like, Now, I know this has nothing to do with making money, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to indulge in all those things if I didn’t have a little extra time. ,

Burruss mentioned having “a little extra time”, referring to the break given to the cast by Bravo while they were dealing with uncertainties regarding the show’s next season and the fate of the Housewives, as Blast reported.

Burruss became a fixture on “RHOA” from its second season in 2009, and shared the ups and downs of her personal and professional journey.

Porsha Williams’ desire to return to ‘RHOA’ depends on Bravo’s decision

Porsha Williams Presents Maxime Electric Nights at City Market on DIRECTV

While Burruss is leaving the show, her former foe, Porsha Williams, is considering a return for a reasonable amount of money. As an insider said in August 2023:

“Bravo is trying to get Porsha back to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ for a potential cast change, but she’s holding out. Bravo offered Porsha a lot of money to return, but she declined.

According to her, the former ‘Dish Nation’ co-host has been vocal with her friends about her desire to become the ‘highest paid housewife in any franchise.’

while the source Noting the possibility of Williams’ return, he claimed, “As of now, she and Bravo have not reached an agreement.” It’s worth noting that the 42-year-old previously announced that she hasn’t completely ruled out a return to the reality television series, where she was a regular from 2012 to 2021.

“I have never dismissed it, I have never talked about it on the show. I like what the girls are doing. I love that the brand is still as strong as it was, and you never know. I must say [that] I will never say ‘never,’” she expressed.

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