Deondra Sanders finds out Jacquies is wooing her ex Drizzy

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JacqueEeeEeeEs is at the center of a Twitter finger feud between her current (possibly pregnant) boo and his ex-girlfriend, which has led to one of them teasing a diss track.

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Deondra Sanders, who is rumored to be pregnant Jackie’s Baby told her ex followers that she was heartbroken after learning that the “BED” singer was still in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Drizzy. Keep in mind, the 31-year-old probably wouldn’t have found out the truth if he hadn’t posted the questionable subtweet directed at Drizzy that led to the big reveal.

“Why would he give a dime for a dime,” Dion’s daughter posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, earlier this week. He added, “It’s obsessive when you’re being sent to the crib in your underwear with your face still on.”

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Drizzy followed up with a one-two combo;

“You’re all obsessed with having a baby [way] But she’s begging me to get her pregnant cause she barely has a bird brain,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Fans assumed Drizzy deleted the tweet because he felt she had gone too far until he followed;

“TF I turn you down every day for you. And that’s the thanks I get from this MF.”

He also sent a series of laughing emojis along with the message.

Ouch. Talk about a stab in the heart. But Drizzy, if you were looking out for her, wouldn’t you have informed Deondra about Jacquees’ shady ways before the X War started??

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The “Spaz” rapper continued,

“Waiting…because I’m keeping it so cute, hahaha. U34 I thought you were smarter than this…no kids 💋 MUAH.”

To verify his claims or further embarrass DeOndra, Drizzy posted receipts of alleged text messages from Jax, begging for another chance and saying he wanted to get her pregnant too .

The singer reportedly wrote, “Don’t be a dummy.” “I’ll just make you pregnant too.”

Amidst the pregnancy offer, Drizzy wrote in response, “Never be fooled,” to which Jacquies reportedly replied, “Maybe.”

As if that didn’t hurt Deondrea’s heart enough, Drizzy shared another screenshot of the messages, with the caption, “This yo bd??”

Jacquie reportedly said she “doesn’t want” Deondra before ending with; “I want you to be happy.”

Amidst the text message revelations, Deondrea asked

“I am very sad. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before. But it is what it is,” he tweeted. “I prayed for God to show me. I know we should never question God, but sometimes I question why you would allow me to love you so much if you knew. I feel so stupid and stupid. #RandomJournal”

Then Coach Prime’s daughter started posting tweets directed at Drizzy.

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“If you want to believe that then so be it. Actually, I don’t fuck with girlfriends.

,[Hence why] We were friends for so long.

“If anything you’re taking your anger out on the wrong person.”

“He’s played with you many times, not me.”

“Now I want to run back to you because I don’t want him. Lol girl bye.

“You really think you ate.”

“You’re unhappy online and in real life.”

“Go build a relationship with your dad that doesn’t actually suck.”

Although Deiondra Sanders claimed the drama was under her control, she continued to participate, sending shots at Drizzy.

“It’s really beneath me now. I was forced to argue with a dusty man over a dog. I have to come back. May you all have each other. Be toxic and let the devil keep doing his thing with you all. All this nonsense is over with me.”

“Coming at me like I can’t bring in a real $100 million dollar guy tomorrow. B*** The best you can get is Jackie’s, hahaha 😭➡😭He’s lucky I even came across him. Lucky you, I even gave you some shine. All of you stay in your lane.”

“You got it. And you can find it. enough is enough.”

“I am not saying anything else in this nonsense. Done, took me out of character and bullshit. It hurts but it’s okay. It happens to the best of us. But I can go up from here. you could not. All this nonsense is over with me.”

Deondra concluded by saying, “I lost myself for a fool for a minute, but Betta sure as hell is coming back!!”

Although Deondra may be done, it looks like Drizzy may be taking things to a new level as he teased a new track that appears to be aimed at Deion Sanders’ daughter.

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Hit the flip for that.

On Thursday, Drizzy tweeted “B***duh!” Previewed a new track titled. With songs that include; “B*** Oh, yes, I’m ready to talk about a tweet!”

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The video also includes a moment where Drizzy is clutching her stomach as if she is pregnant, like deondraBut in reality he has piles of money.

Interestingly, the song caught the attention of Rihanna, who wrote it; “Come on Goo! B**** duh!! This is what I am telling everyone LOLOLOL

Drizzy then shared the conversation on social media, saying; “Rihanna Approved ✅ #B***DUH”

Interestingly, Jacquees has also teased a new track titled “We’re Both to Blame,” which appears to be her sending her message to Drizzy.

SMH, Jacquies has had a rough February so far. First, the little guy’s fears were reportedly taken away by Trey Songz, and now it looks like he won’t have a Valentine next week.

Jacquies said in his hit “Trip” remix that he’s “got a lot of love, I’m not trying to waste it”, but it looks like he’s doing just that. Sir, stop playing with these women.

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Wishing Deondra a healthy and safe pregnancy, remember girl, don’t sweat the small stuff.

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